Adriatique-“Nude”: Album Review

Adrian Schweizer and Adrian Shaia are the musical minds behind the Techno, house and electronica Swiss based act known as Adriatique. You can find their recordings on Diynamic, Cityfox, Afterlife and their own imprint Siamese. The duo’s debut album, “Nude,” is out now on Afterlife and lists 13 tracks sparkling with down-tempo, electronica, melodic techno, all inside an experimental common mindset. 

“Nude” opens with dark dramatic fashion, booming bass, strings and an intricate melody creating an eerie soundtrack titled “Dawning.” The following track, “Awakening Machines” goes even deeper into the dark realms, pulsing with oddly timed beats and rhythms.  “Random Notes Orchestra” brings in warm rays of light with hypnotic rhythms, quick beats and a bright melody. The title track “Nude” gets experimental through complex multi-layering of sounds. The sonic weirdness continues with “Panchromatic” where both artists lay down a melody and beat that builds up to chaotic levels, eventually finding its tight groove. Delhia De France brings in “Tachyardia” with mystical vocals against a backdrop soaked in melancholy. “Point Of No Return” emerges through rising tensions built by dramatic synths, driving and ethereal guitar riffs, leading to thumping beats and a cinematic flair. “Buchla’s Dreaming” gets down with some damn fine melodic dueling, which makes it the most interesting selection on the album. “Studies In Dance Theory” incorporates static, distortion, rapid electronic beats, subtle bass booms and dance inducing rhythms. Just like the title says, it’s a study in dance theory. “Mystery” enters with soulful vocals by Jono McCleery, leading to oscillating keys against distorted low-end layers and slowly paced pitter-patter drum rhythms. “Ultraschall” dives more into techno oriented waters, rhythmically speaking that is, and is partially inspired by Schweizer’s son’s Ultrasound heartbeats. “Ray-Reincarnation” displays intricate rhythms, gorgeous piano chords and shiny synths, revealing a peaceful feeling of spirituality. 

Closing up “Nude” is “Golden Bird.” Uplifting, yet darkly toned and a bit more slanted toward the dance floor, the track provides the perfect ending. “Nude” is a diverse, adventurous, experimental, weird, and in parts, deeply personal piece of work. Keep your mind open while listening and pay attention to what is going on in each track. The amazement will follow, but you, as the listener, must also immerse yourself in to the album to fully appreciate. 

As mentioned earlier, there are moments of house, techno and down-tempo inflections, however, the real beauty inside the collection reside in how impressive the duo’s imagination, creativeness and skill in mixing their experimental ideas with traditional and drum and bass universal practices. So, for those that want something cerebral and on the edge, “Nude” easily satisfies. 




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