AKOV-The Initiation: EP Review

AKOV’s first installment in the realm of concept albums: “The Initiation” paints a haunting vision of the future where dystopian society has embraced a one-world religion in the form of Virtual Reality. This is the opening line to the official Press Release. “The Initiation” EP serves a musical crystal ball that foretells the creative direction this artist is destined to take. Drum and Bass enthusiasts take note. “The Initiation” features four tracks: “Initiation,” “Talk To Me,” “Schnitzelklopfer” and “Space Between Us.”  The music reflects AKOV’s imaginings of a better world minus humanity’s pitfalls of decadence, chaos and war. Interesting ideas since D’n’B, in general, is often decadent, chaotic and war like with its heavy assaulting sounds and rhythms. What AKOV has achieved here with his concept album is DnB that engages in superb fashion and the unbelievable weirdness and cutting edge electronic usage will leave the listener in total and complete amazement as each track concludes. Are you the adventurous type? Then it’s time to get initiated!

Leo Weaver



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