Alle Farben-“Stickers On My Suitcase”: Album Review

Franz Zimmer, better known as Alle Farben latest full length album “Stickers On My Suitcase” can be described as a testament to the of life of touring musician. Alle Farben translated in the English language is defined as “all colors” and Zimmer’s musical repretoire is a reflection of the phrase. You see, Zimmer makes Pop and dance music with traditional instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, all kinds of percussion instruments and lots of horns (primarily trumpets and trombones), weaving and crafting songs that are as memorable as they are organic. Zimmer has a history of releasing contagious pop/dance songs that have strong melodies and songs such as “Please Tell Rosie”- a collosal hit from his 2016 full length album “Music Is My Best Friend,”one of that year’s best, is a prime example. Now with the release of “Stickers On My Suitcase,” Zimmer follows that same song writing and instrumentation formula that has afforded him multiple Gold and Platinum awards. 

The new album includes four previously released singles: “Little Hollywood” featuring Janieck; “H.O.L.Y.” featuring Rhodes; “Only Thing We Know” with Kelvin Jones and frequent collaborator Younotus and “Fading.” Add in 14 additional tracks, bringing the total count to a whopping 18, and throw in appearances by James Blunt and Sam Gray and you have a goldmine to dig through. 

“Stickers On My Suitcase” tells the story through his music and lyrics of life experiences while being constantly on the road, all the while keeping it relatable to the listener as well. 

From the opening to close, the album remains upbeat, despite the emotive lyrics within. Fans of Alle Farben will instantly recognize his signature sounds, beats, and rhythms that is assured. Tropical feels, deep bass, bright brass and superb vocalists. 

Three years in the making since his fabulous “Music Is My Best Friend” LP, Alle Farben picks up where he left off.  Pop laced dance cuts that crosses barriers and showcases the German producer and songwriter is right up there with the world’s top hit makers. If you have the chance, catch him live and be sure to pick up this new album. You’ll be glad you did. And personally, I hope I don’t have to wait another three years for a follow up.



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