Amycanbe: Sliding Into Pop’s Dreamland

Amycanbe is a dance, electronic music act with dream-pop leanings based out of Cervia, Italy. Formed in 2002 by Marco Trinchillo (drums and keys) and Mattia Mercuriali (bass, guitars) along with Francesca Amati (vocals) and Mattia “Matta” Dallara (keys) bring you to the current line-up of Amycanbe. Three EPs: 2005’s “Yellow Suit;” 2011’s “The World Is Round” and 2017’s “Plato Plomo” and three Albums: 2007’s “Being A Grown Up Sure Is Complicated;” 2011’s “Mountain Whales” and 2015’s “Wolf” have all laid a solid music foundation for their loyal fan base. Over the years, they’ve been very active on the club circuit all over their homeland of Italy, The U.K. and Europe and have had their music featured on television and reality shows including Finding Carter, MTV’s Catfish, Web of Lies and Royal Pains,My Giant Life, How To (Not) Kill Your Husband, Top Chef Stars and High Infidelity. The band pulls Inspiration from a diverse list of legendary performers including Nina Simone, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Portishead, Aphex Twin, and David Bowie, influencing and providing them a foundation of creating their own dreamy music with a direct appeal pointed towards fans of The Xx, The Cocteau Twins and The Naked And Famous. Currently Amycanbe is gearing up for their forthcoming four-track EP “White Slide” slated for release on April 19. Leading up the EP’s release, a live version of the title track ‘White Slide’ has been released to the public and presents is the track as a re-imagination of the ethereal original song. The “live” version is heavy with hard-hitting bass and grooves and breathes new life with the hypnotic and danceable synth lines, Francesca’s voice and intricate yet subtle production elements On ‘White Slide’, Amycanbe explains, “‘White Slide’ is a song originally started as an instrumental demo by Marco Trinchillo for a dance side-project. When Francesca Amati heard it, she immediately felt she wanted to sing and wrote the lyrics. The live version is very different and pushy; tremendously rearranged by the band as a whole, and is a great moment in the show for Amycanbe fans.”

—Joseph Arthur

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