Behind The Decks With Joe Hawes

Holly Roscoe: How and when did you first discover your love for DJ’ing?

Joe Hawes: I was 17 and my brother got me into a bar near by to where he lived. He also knew the DJ and took me into the booth with him. From that moment of standing in the booth, I wanted to learn how to DJ!

HR: How did you learn? Were you self-taught or did you have lessons?

JH: The DJ I just spoke about above agree to teach me! So, I would get an 1 hours train every Friday after college and go spend the night with him every Friday and Saturday night and sleep on his floor then get a train back on the Sunday. I did this for almost a year before I started DJ’ing on my own!

HR: What is the one track that you always find making its way into your sets?

JH: It’s so cliché but Seven Nation Army in some shape or form will be in most of my sets. I have an endless amounts of mash ups and remixes of it!

HR: Do you have a favorite gig memory?

JH: Every year I play at the Safer Sex Ball for The Exeter University. There is always an amazing crowd and not to mention its to over 2000 students all in lingerie so as you can imagine the whole night is crazy!

HR: How do you go about planning your sets?

JH: I don’t! I don’t think I’ve ever played a gig where I was DJ’ing and knew every track I was playing. Of course, I have my favorites that will be in most of my sets, but I don’t understand why people would pre plan a set, I like to read the crowd and play the best possibly music for that time. You do not have the ability to do that when you plan a set.

HR: What has been your favorite venue to play at and why?

JH: My Favorite Venue has to be The Lemon Grove in Exeter. Purely because it has an amazing sound system, I don’t think I have played on a better system in the South West of England before and the crowd there are ALWAYS amazing!

HR: Where do you go to look for new music?

JH: I get sent a lot of stuff these days from promo mailing lists, but I will always check out Beatport, DMC, Power and also Hypeddit is amazing for finding mash ups and bootlegs.

HR: How would you describe your style of set?

JH: High energy, euphoric and feel good with dirty drops!

HR: How often showcase new music in your sets?

JH: Every week, I get new music and I will pretty much always road test new material at gigs every week.

HR: Where would you love to play at set at?

JH: My ultimate goal would be to have a nighttime set at Tomorrowland, or if we are talking clubs, it would be Ushuaia or Omnia

HR: Do you tend to stick to one genre, or do you enjoy switching them up?

JH: I like to switch things up but not too crazy, and I’m all about building up or down. I’m not a huge fan of just completely changing the vibe within 1 song.

HR: What do you love most about DJ’ing?

JH: The crowd reactions are everything! For me if it’s a dead crowd, I could be playing my favourite tunes and I wouldn’t enjoy it. But when a crowd is going nuts, its impossible not to love what your doing!

HR: Do you have any upcoming gigs people should keep an eye on?

JH: There’s a couple in the new year I will be announcing. One gig I know I’m really looking forward to is “The Enchanted Garden Ball.” We have already started planning for this show and it will be with my JL Live drum show production so its going to be next level!

HR: Where have you been Dj’ing recently?

JH: I do a lot of work with the University near me, Exeter. So, a lot of my gigs have been for student nights around Exeter, but with the new JL Drum show it has been taking me up and down the country!

HR: Finally, do you have a favorite online mix we can check out?

JH: Sure! My favorite mix is Episode 28 of my Radio show “Coffee House Radio” Here’s the link:

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