Behind the Scenes of Lampa’s ‘Wings’

Armed with an impressive release catalogue that includes hits like ‘Elements’, ‘Light Up The Sky’ and his remix of Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank’s ‘Shades Of Grey’, fast-emerging Canadian artist Lampa has quickly become one of the scene’s most exciting new talents.

Despite only launching himself onto the scene a short time ago, he has grabbed himself residencies at Stereo Nightclub, Reign Nightclub and Nectar Nightclub, supporting global stars like: Marshmallow, Fedde Le Grand, MAKJ and Caked Up – accomplishments many can only dream of achieving. Our friends over at Matt Caldwell PR chats it up with Lampa about his latest single ‘Wings.’

You have recently just released your newest single ‘Wings’. How did the track come about?

Lampa: I was taking a break from DJing and was spending a bit more time in the studio. One night I ordered chicken wings and it all came to me. “Chicken wings are such a big part of my life, why don’t I dedicate a song to them?”. Kidding. Here’s the real story. I had started writing a new track, and was sent a lyric to look over and use. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling it much but I did take something out of it. The two words: “broken bullets”. I can’t really explain it without boring you but it all came together with those two words, I wrote the rest of the lyric & topline within a night.
‘Wing’s was released as a free download via your official Soundcloud account. Can you tell us a bit about why you decided to release the track for free?

Lampa: Wings is only free for a limited time, as a thank you to my supporters. It’s slotted for an iTunes release and is set for Spotify as well. I recommend everyone grab it while it’s still free.

The track has already gained a lot of widespread press support. How does it make you feel when the press fully support your record?

Lampa: Always great knowing your music is being supported!

Can you tell us a bit about your workflow when producing ‘Wings’? How did you start the production?

Lampa: I originally had a different idea for Wings but the vocals stayed the same throughout. After writing Wings, I sang and recorded over the record and hit up a friend from LA for vocals using mine as a blueprint. Her vocals added a whole new dimension to Wings so I reworked the record by adding a smoother electro-break and a gritty house drop. Absolutely love how Wings turned out.

What equipment did you use to produce the record?

Lampa: Yamaha HS8’s, a Behritone 50a (very underrated), Ableton 9, a couple of different audio interfaces, and a 49 key MIDI controller. Don’t need much!

What do you enjoy the most about producing? Programming drums, writing melodies?

Lampa: My favourite thing about producing is having a vision of where the record should be and pulling out every trick out of your disposal in acheving that. Sometimes you reach it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get something better. That was the case for Wings. I started off with different pieces with a different vision in mind, all of which ended up playing integral, and some of them intangible pieces in what came together as ‘Wings’.

Do you mix and master your own productions or do you get help from an engineer?

Lampa: Wings was self engineered, with only some help tightening the low end.

How long did it take to produce the record?

Lampa: About two months! Sound design took most of that, as well as having two completely different versions of the record. I could have spent so much more time on it but no record is ever complete– only forfeited.

Will you be doing a production walkthrough of the track on your in-demand production blog?

Lampa: Maybe :-)

Where did you get your inspiration from when producing the track?

Lampa: CHICKEN WINGS… Kidding. There were small bits of inspiration from everywhere in Wings. The main one was probably the recent resurgence of house music and the rise of bass house. I started incorporating bass house in my sets a little more than half a year ago and thought what would happen if I infused some of that with my music? Powerful, raw vocals with a gritty house drop that ravers and festival-goers can shuffle and dance to. I played it for the first time at Nectar Nightclub when the crowd wanted an encore. It was a rough version but the reception was insane so I went all out in that direction. I honestly can’t be any more happier with the outcome.

Can we expect a follow up to ‘Wings’ in a similar style?

Lampa: In terms of its dynamic energy levels, yes. I absolutely love records that can pull and tug at your emotions on the dance floor, in the car, in you room, anywhere.

What can we expect in terms of future releases and plans from Lampa?

Lampa: I just recently released a 30 minute mix called ‘Wings To Moonrise” I’m sure you’ll love ( Follow me on social media for more :-)


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