Behind the Scenes of the Saunderson Brothers Featuring Kim Sykes ‘Other World’

Since exploding onto the Dance music scene, Kim Sykes has been making colossal noises in her home country of Canada, thanks to her infectious and lush vocals and superb songwriting talents.

The Edmonton based artist is the lead singer of high-flying trio Senseless Live and their Deep House records have landed them a spot as one of the scene’s most exciting and fastest growing acts. Last year, we featured Senseless Live on the site, check out the article here.

Kim’s latest offering comes in the form of her collaboration with The Saunderson Brothers, Dante and Damarri, the sons of Techno legend and pioneer Kevin Saunderson. Our friends over at Matt Caldwell PR brings the conversation with the multitalented artist talking about her newest record ‘Other World’ to you.

Hi Kim, thanks for taking time to answer these few questions. For those who aren’t familiar with you, can you describe a typical Kim Sykes track using only five words?

Kim Sykes: Emotive, ethereal vocal-infused Tech House.

You have recently just released your newest single ‘Other World’, a collaboration with The Saunderson Brothers. How did the collaboration come about?

Kim Sykes: My partner and friend, John Glassey, from Senseless Live made the connection. He noticed that The Saunderson Brothers had put out a call for vocals on a track they had already produced. John asked if I wanted to give it a try.

‘Other World’ was released via KMS Records. Can you tell us a bit about why you released the record on KMS Records?

Kim Sykes: The decision to release via KMS was actually on The Saunderson Brothers’ end. I was both humbled and thrilled to hear that the track would be released on KMS.

The track has already gained a lot of widespread press support. How does it make you feel when the press fully supports your record?

Kim Sykes: When you’re writing music, you never know how it’s going to be received. So, to get that support right from the get-go is very encouraging.

Can you tell us a bit about your workflow when producing ‘Other World’? How did you start the project?

Kim Sykes: When I received the instrumental version of the track, I took it home and wrote the lyrics and melody. My partner from Senseless Live, John, helped me record a demo that was submitted to the Saundersons—the next thing I knew, I was on the phone with Ann Saunderson. We instantly connected and co-wrote the chorus and breakdown. Soon after, I flew to Detroit where the final product was completed and recorded.

What do you enjoy the most about making a record? Writing lyrics, recording?

Kim Sykes: I have to say both with this track: I really enjoyed co-writing with Ann Saunderson, and recording in Detroit was definitely a highlight because it was the first time I recorded in a studio of that caliber.

How long did it take to produce the record?

Kim Sykes: Recording the vocals in the studio took about four hours. Co-writing with Ann was a back-and-forth stream of ideas that spanned a couple of days.

Do you think you will team up with The Saunderson Brothers again in the future?

Kim Sykes: Definitely! I would love to have the opportunity to continue to work with The Saunderson Brothers again. They’re quite talented and were a pleasure to work with.

Where did you get your inspiration from when producing the track?

Kim Sykes: When I write over a track that is already instrumentally produced, the beat, flow and feel have already been established. I like to draw inspiration from what the track itself is making me feel, and then translate that feeling into words.

Would you team up with an artist and feature as a guest vocalist again?

Kim Sykes: Absolutely! I believe that inspiration fuels inspiration, and that every new collaborative experience is an opportunity to pursue and explore further channels of creativity. I feel the ‘creative world’ should be more akin to a community rather than a competition. Breaking down those personal barriers would allow a lot of amazing things to happen!

What can we expect in terms of future releases and plans from Kim Sykes?

Kim Sykes: I hope to keep the creativity flowing by collaborating with other artists and, of course, I’m also focused on writing and performing with my initial project, Senseless Live. You can expect that I will be pushing myself to experiment with new things artistically as a writer and a vocalist.

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