Bird Peterson-“Infinity Molasses”: Album Review

You may know Bird Peterson under a different moniker—Drankenstein, which just happens to be a worldwide phenom and major contributor to the birth and evolution of Trap music. Incidently, Bird Peterson/Drankenstein is Andrew ‘There Will Be Booty’ Hoke and according to his Facebook biography, ‘The Elegant Gentleman King of Hot Jams.’ He’s rocked the decks with Tiësto, Wolfgang Gartner, The Bloody Beetroots, Chase & Status, Lil Wayne and Diplo, among many others and his original music can be found on leading labels such as Warner Brothers, Sony, Ed Banger, Mad Decent and most recently Teenage Riot. Recently nicknamed ‘Wizard Of The Dance Scene,’ Bird Peterson has a brand new record out. 

Titled “Infinity Molasses” (Teenage Riot), the LP lists 13 tracks of tribal, disco, electronica drum and bass, hip-hop, Reggae and Techno featuring special guest appearances from Protextor, Anastasia, Astronautalis, Saxophone Robot, Shack, Bleubird and Jabrjaw.

“Infinite Molasses” jumps off with “Disco Is The Devil.” Protextor and Anastasia guest on this wild electro ride with hip-hop rhymes and island inspired vocals. Right from the get go, the song grabs your attention and really gets going when Protextor comes in and drops one of hell of a rap line that will get your head shaking. Absolute dope! “Big Festive Motherfucker” has brilliant intro looping vocal samples metamorphosing in to a mixture of slick late 70s inspired flavors and grooves. “Conflict Resolution,” one of the three singles released prior to the drop of the LP, features Bleubird and Jabrjaw, spitting out 18+ lyrics, while drum and bass elements lay down the beats.  “Love Shit” is simply glorious electro pop, ‘nuff said. “Floor Shaker” is just that, a thunderous floor shaker.  Shack compliments the bouncy beats and syncopated blasts with his raw and suggestive lyrics on “Floor Shaker.” Does he mean Rump Shaker? Yep. The next four tracks-“Talk Less, Do More,” “Heartache,” “Coming To Terms With My Really Good Looks” and “Hold Out” keep the party going, which brings us to the wrapping up the LP. “The New Sexy National Anthem” drives you to movement with rapid drumbeats and funky horn samples and loops. “Erectile Dysfunction” features thumping beats, whirling and escalating electronics. Next up is “Drunks In Love.”  Laden with tight rhythmic grooves, pulsating drums, muted horns, electro piano and some vocals, make this track sparkle. Closing “Infinite Molasses” is “I Think You Know.” It has darker layers of sound, heavier low-end drum kicks and evokes a sense of winding down in its mellow and melancholic melody.

“Infinite Molasses” is a fantastic collection of songs from start to finish that will appeal to Bird Peterson’s fans of old and new. All you have to do is press play. Amazement will surely follow.




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