Blank Page: Behind The Decks

Progressive, deep and melodic, London-based DJ and producer Greg Newman otherwise known as Blank Page has been rising his way through the ranks after his debut release “Autumn” reached the top 3 in the Trackitdown charts. Greg has achieved a great deal in his relatively short career as his follow-up EP went on to gain support from BBC Introducing and since then he has been signed to labels such as Plasmapool, Xtrxx, Club Restricted Records. We caught up with Greg to discuss his DJ’ing career.

When did you start DJ’ing and what attracted you to it in the first place?

Greg Newman: I first started DJ’ing (very badly) when I was at university. It was just something to do in my spare time at first and I had this rubbish Numark controller that linked to Traktor. I was mashing the sync button every mix and really just switching from tune to tune. It was only a few years later when I ditched the controllers and hardware when I first properly started DJ’ing. That would have been about 4 years ago now and it’s only in the last 2 years I’ve been picking up gigs – a long road!

What do you love most about DJ’ing?

GN: For me, it’s got to be sharing music with people. There’s nothing like having that control over the crowd. That moment where you’ve cued up a track you love, drop it and everyone else goes mad, singing along and grooving – it’s class, you can’t beat it!

What’s been the best gig you’ve played so far?

GN: Hands down Horse & Groom in Shoreditch, London. It’s quite a famous little venue back home as a disco/party pub. It is literally an old pub, no thrills, and it goes off. It was packed at about midnight and everyone was jamming! The week before Defected had done a night there as well so it was surreal to be standing in the same booth that Simon Dunmore was in 7 days before!

What would be your dream gig?

GN: It has to be to play for Anjunadeep at one of their festivals. The crowd are always class and it’s such a good vibe. Pure melodic progressive house under the sun outdoors somewhere. I remember the last one I went to it had been cloudy all day, it was about 5pm in the middle of a breakdown of Fatimah Yamaha – “What’s A Girl To Do” and at that moment the clouds parted and the sun came out behind the stage just shining down on everyone – it was an awesome moment and very typical of Anjunadeep.

Do you stick to one genre or mix it up in your sets?

GN: Not at all – I mean it’s all mainly melodic stuff but because I’ll be playing at different times it calls for different vibes in the sets. It really depends on venue, time and the crowd. Also, I have another alias where I play/produce under “Newman & Me” with a friend, and that is a lot more housey and bass driven. So yeah, quite a variety.

What’s your favorite venue?

GN: Always a tough one to answer this and I think the answer changes every time! There’s a place in Croatia called Zrce beach, which is great to go to as a raver. I think Aquarius there is awesome. It’s out on the pier, there are hammocks, a tropical vibe indoors and you can launch yourself into the sea. As a DJ I’d have to say Horse & Groom. No thrills but just a great crowd and night.

Tell us a bit more about your other alias Newman & Me?

GN: So this is my other project with a friend. I love to write all sorts of house and electronic music and it didn’t seem right to release it all under my Blank Page alias. So this is for the more traditionally house/techy side of things – basslines and lots of driving drums. If you’re into that then check it out!

Finally, do you have a favorite online mix we can listen to?

GN: Well it has to be one of my own doesn’t it! I did a guest mix for Electrowow a little while back, which has a lot of my favorite progressive tracks in it. You can check that out here.

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