Brawther’s Seminal Cuts On Balance Alliance Get Re-Pressed

Formed in 1994 by Chez Damier and Ron Trent and ran solely by Chez Damier from 1996, Balance Alliance is the vinyl-only imprint rooted in raw and righteous house music. As well as releasing music by the label founders, it’s been home to Brawther, C.V.O and Glenn Underground. With Brawther being the first artist to release on the label after a 13-year hiatus back in 2010, his EPs “BL12,” “BL13” and “COB01” have been selected for a limited run of 300 units each having originally sold over 6,000 between them.

“This is the first time they’ve been repressed in a very long time, with us initially stopping production back when Brawther went on to run Courtesy of Balance. Balance Alliance was never about the label itself it was always about the artists, and I always saw Balance as the art gallery with the guys being the true artists. We wanted to re-press these releases as they are seminal to the label and still so relevant today.”—Chez Damier

“BL12” and “COB01” are hitting the shelves on February 1 via Syncrophone distribution and will be available from outlets including Clone Records, Technique, Carpet And Snares, Phonica, Juno,, RedEye and more.

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