CFCF-On Vacation (Remixes): EP Review

‘On Vacation’ marks the second in a series of mini-albums for Ibiza-based International Feel. Canadian musician and vocalist Michael Silver, a.k.a. CFCF—the man behind those synth heavy, seductive tracks, channels sound from the far reaches of the world. Though the album didn’t come with a specific concept, Silver manages to capture the sound of sweet, hot sounds of some unnamed and exotic locale.The tempo throughout remains chilled despite sometimes fast-paced reverb. ‘Chasing’ feels at once melancholy and satisfying. The Spanish-sounding guitar riffs pair too well with sparkling digital reverb and a surprise accordion. Listening, I wondered where exactly in the world I was—though the track is so balmy, it didn’t really matter. ‘Fleure laisses dans un taxi’ is unapologetically seductive. But in that way that soap operas are—in an over-the-top swanky kind of way. There’s electric guitar, jazzy ambient almost-vocals, the works. But it didn’t make me want to change the song. Silver manipulates the texture of sound so well I found myself needing to know what would come next. For me, ‘Pleasure Centre’ was the standout of ‘On Vacation.’ In it, Silver creates a luxurious, beachy atmosphere complete with bongos, triangle, and flute—all contrasted with sparkly ‘80s synth. Throughout the song runs the suggestion of a frothy ocean tide or the call of a distant seagull call. It’s literally a beach. In song-form, Silver is quite prolific, having released five albums, six EPs and a selection of singles and mixtapes since 2009. He is currently signed to indie-label Paper Bag Records, which has, in the past, represented artists as diverse as Broken Social Scene and Tokyo Police Club. And although CFCF identifies as a songwriter, he’s been recognized as an atmospheric producer. ‘On Vacation’ shows off the Montreal-native’s years of experience in electronic music. The EP is simple but sophisticated. It demonstrates Silver’s skill with sound pairing and he fully pulls it off. From the soap opera seduction scene to the first Spanish then French melancholic ambience, Silver has rescued some of the sounds previously considered abominable to current music. He sucks his audience into an experience. And he does it well. This may be one of his most sophisticated albums yet.

—Chloe Aiello

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