DJ Pippi-Bocadillos Variados: Album Review

Now this is what I call a listening escape. Lush with breezy light acoustic guitars strings laid on top of soft atmospheric chord changes. You simply melt into the sound of Giuseppe Nuzzo, aka Dj Pippi. The breath-taking landscape of Ibiza, with its multi-national position between Spain and northern Africa gives the small island nation a unique musical heritage and perspective. There is a great cross-cultural synthesis residing within its confines. Tucked away from the super clubs and the scantily clad rave scene. Ibiza remains a remarkably rural island in the present tense. Although its former allure is far from absent. The color of life, olive groves, almond trees, and beaches is reflective in the Belaric beats the country is synonymous with originating. Many of House’s, Drum & Bass’s greatest DJ talents have made Ibiza their home. It’s an intoxicating nightlife that can be a mix of the obtuse and the sublime.

Bocadillos Variados is definitely a “varied snack (translated from Spanish)” of simple pleasures deftly displayed on a silver platter served up by DJ Pippi. Feeling like a Smooth Jazz album, Bocadillos Variados is truly an intercontinental listen. Saturating himself with all the influences of his musical heritage. He migrated to Germany to further explore and progress his opportunities. DJ Pippi who is of Italian decent himself, was noted early on by the management of the super club Pacha. They heard one of his early mixtapes and were immediately taken by his style and flair for sound design. DJ Pippi’s first residency came in 1984. With additional stints in 1987 and 1991. He has such a high profile that he still commits to extended sets at Pacha, Jockey Club, and Santos.

The album is 12 tracks of Pippi’s simmering cauldron of high quality global house music and deep soulful Balearic grooves. It includes the track ‘La Serenata with Kenneth Bager, and ‘So Beautiful featuring Barbara Tucker. The album also features contributions from producers and musicians Tuccinelli, J.L., Victor Martin (Eurythmics), Cesar De Melero, Paul Powell & Tracy. The album is somewhat of a journey, a long walk, with little to care for anything other than leisure. Just think about the breeze and the sun glistening across your skin. Listening to Bocadillos Variados is like kissing your eardrums with the many flavors of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Southern Europe cultures. Who wouldn’t want to experience that?

—Erik L. Richardson

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Erik L. Richardson

Erik L. Richardson is a graphic designer in the Washington, D.C. area with an affinity towards electronica, and a love of the rush of color and thumping bass-lines of alternating currents and speeds.

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