DNMO: Addicted To Love

Alden Morgan aka DNMO (pronounced Den-mo) made numerous “Watch” lists in 2018. The U.K. based producer is signed to Deadbeats, the home base for Zed’s Dead and in a relative short amount of time, has racked up a slew of impressive tracks. Last year, DNMO took to the U.S.A. for the first time debuting with a sold out show at Red Rocks, the youngest ever to play at the iconic venue. With dates at Electric Zoo, HARD Day of The Dead, Ministry of Sound, Aragon Ballroom and Exchange along with touring with Ghastly and Ookay, mark significant accomplishments for the young producer, placing an exclamation point on the phrase “one to watch.” On February 15th, DNMO released a soulful track reeling in the distressful feelings of teenage love. The track was produced with Sub Urban who has collaborated on several of DNMO’s previous tracks. They are not strangers when it comes to making music together and it’s apparent, through their collaborative efforts, the chemistry and creativity feed off both of these very talented people. “Sick of You,” the lead single of a forthcoming EP, reveals a narrative revolving around “toxic” relationships, how they can become addictive and how to combat teenage love issues, all in a multi-layered, slightly dark and organic soundscape.  Check it out for yourself and stay tuned. “‘Sick Of You’ was written about a girl in your life that you cherish more than anyone else. It’s about old habits, ritual attraction and at times, pity, obscured [by] the fact that this girl was a toxic ailment towards everyday life. For this track, Sub Urban and I spent a week writing music in the studio together, which really helped us reach a whole new level of songwriting. Through that experience we were able to capture the high energy vibe we were feeling at the time.”—DNMO and Sub Urban. Granted that DNMO’s career as a music producer is a relatively short one, one thing is certain, his commitment to creating quality electronic music is paying off. His music output proves it. Just check out his collaborations with MAKJ, Max Styler, and Zed’s Dead to name just a few. So, as 2019 rolls on, will DNMO’s popularity continue on its upward trajectory? I say yes. 

—Leo Weaver

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