Drival: Behind The Scenes

We have been just “turned on” to Drival, and his progression as an artist as our partners over at Matt Caldwell PR puts it, “cannot be overstated.” He has come on massively in the last year or so, and his music has stepped up to the next level – featuring on labels such as Raz Nitzan, Phoenix Recordings and Promind Dark. His sound is being heard all around the world, and his latest release “See Me Now” is another smasher. In this edition of “Behind The Scenes,” Matt Caldwell’s peeps caught up with him to ask a few questions about the tracks in question!

So, how did “See Me Now” come about?

Drival: The initial idea was only making a new Trance track with a new taste, but once it was finished and after coming across the Midnight Coast label, releasing an EP with more tracks was on the table. I was ok with it and then kept on working on more new stuff to include, but bearing in mind that I wanted the EP to have different flavors in every track.

We love the Drival sound, and ‘See Me Now’ is just another example of it! How would you describe it?

Drival: Thanks! Actually you can appreciate that “See Me Now” is an EP with 3 totally different styles of Trance tracks, from classic to uplifting and vocal too. I’d even describe it as a showcase!

How did the track start – from a simple idea?

Drival: The first track was “Make Up Your Mind,” and the idea was basically going back to the classic Trance roots, with a lower tempo and a very melodic breakdown and build up.

How long did it take to complete the track, from start to finish?

Drival: If it’s not a collaboration (such as these ones) it usually takes me a couple of weeks to complete each track.

Are you looking forward to the summer season?

Drival: For sure! Who isn’t? To be honest, this summer I will focus on both pushing for new studio time and also getting some good rest too. An appropriate balance between these two is key in my opinion!

What’s next for Drival?

Drival: In terms of new music, you can expect my collaboration with Jennifer Rene on AVA Recordings (‘I Got You’) on July 16th. And in the late summer, an uplifting one with Amy Kirkpatrick on Raz Nitzan. Regarding gigs, I will be playing on July 21st at Starving Club and on October 20th, we will be having a massive Trance event in Madrid where I will be playing with A&Z, Madwave, Omar Sherif, Philippe El Sisi and Toyax. Also, I can’t wait to be able to announce for you guys my upcoming events when I will be playing with more top artists. Stay tuned!

Finally, how can we download “See Me Now?”

Drival: Until July 27th you can get it exclusively on Beatport here. Then, be sure to check it out in all digital stores and streaming services! Thanks for having me!

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