Ellen Allien: All Aboard The UFO

Ellen Allien is a seasoned producer who has been a trailblazer within Berlin’s vibrant contemporary Techno scene. She’s also made a name for herself as a live DJ act delivering an “in real-time” live mix behind the decks feeding off the crowd’s energy and vibes giving the audience an experience. Upon discovering Ellen Allien’s music, you can expect to hear the influence of Berlin’s Techno scene along with some acid, giving Techno fans an exciting and cutting-edge artist to follow. Bottom-lining it, Ellen Allien’s music is hypnotic, aggressive and addictive and that’s exactly what you’ll hear on dozens of her releases. Currently, she holds residencies at Barcelona’s Nitsa and the world famous Cicroloco at DC 10 and is building on her successful bi-monthly “We Are Not Alone” rave event at Griessmüle in Berlin. January 28th marked the release of a two track EP “UFO1” (on vinyl and digital) and the launching of her imprint UFO Inc. According to the label founder herself, UFO serves a mediator between earth and heaven, i.e. the concrete dancefloor and a feeling of transcendental rapture – the kind of track that lifts you up from where you dance and takes you away to new spheres. What starts off as a tough and understated banger, slowly morphs into a unexpected journey full of twists and turns. Drawing from the tension between interlocking rhythmic elements and spheric synthesiser sounds, UFO is a perfect exercise in both suspension and the ecstasy that comes with release. Acid-tinged and cosmic at the same time, it must be considered the definite UFO Inc. manifesto: rough music from and for the here and now, opening a pathway into the greater unknown. In fine Ellen Allien form, the 2nd track, “Körpermaschine,” is filled with Berlin stylized techno flavors, hits you harder and has all the elements of a bona-fide dancefloor anthem. Future plans for releases by Alien Rain and Regal have been announced and in doing so, further establishes Ellen Allien’s UFO Inc. as a rising tour de force among the world’s upcoming contemporary Techno music labels.

—Catherine Strickland

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