The Green Children: Darlings Of Dream-pop

Marlow Bevan and Milla Sunde make up the Electro-pop duo TGC (The Green Children). Over the course of their career, major media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Clash Magazine, The Huffington Post and Billboard Magazine have all praised their music stemming back to their 2010 debut full length album “Encounter” right up their latest two singles “ECG” and most recently “Rooms.”

10 years ago, Marlow and Milla met in Liverpool while attending the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and soon thereafter they sign their first major U.S. recording contract with Universal Music Group. The duo would leave UMG two year later and land a worldwide distribution deal with Jackson Browne’s Spinside to self releasing their new material via their own imprint Illuminated City.

Through the years TCG has worked and collaborated with producers including Paul Oakenfold, Linus Loves, Moguai, Downlow’d and M4SONIC, held regular gigs at Hollywood’s famed Viper Room and The Roxy, and performed at Summerfest.

Together with Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, the duo released a fundraising CD/DVD entitled “Hear Me Now” throughout Norway, raising $400,000 for one of the first eye hospitals in rural Bangladesh. Upon the release of their second album “Connection” in 2013 (Amoeba Music) came the lead single and video “Outline” connecting them to The Planetary Society, Yale University and Bill Nye, the science guy.

The musical tastes Marlow’s and Milla’s musical tastes and influence range from Michael Jackson to Enya. Categorically, TGC falls in to realms of synth-pop, dream-pop, and ambient-pop joining the likes of The Chromatics, Electric Youth and Blue Hawaii.

They pair exhibit highly skilled abilities to control and manipulate texture at will, while retaining their original dreamlike, and developed sound. Check out their latest single release “Rooms,” released for the Halloween season. The track takes you through “an immersive excursion through placid landscapes; warm tones, rolling synthesizers and solid electronic percussion atop vocalist Milla Sunde’s silken vocal presentation. Darkened yet beautiful chord progressions weave in and out amidst the duo’s eerily animated and atmospheric production, with an artistic accompanying lyric video depicting haunting imagery of ghost infested homes, tombs, splatters and shivers.” Good stuff.

—Joseph Arthur

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