Henrik Schwarz and Metropole Orkest-Scripted Orkestra: Album Review

Henrik Schwarz is one of electronic music’s most respected and prolific producers. He is well- rounded, well-traveled and well-versed in multiple music disciplines and genres. Over the last 20 years, he has notched more than 100 releases on pretty much all the leading labels. These would be global giants Warner Music, Universal Music, Motown Records, Sony/BMG, !K7, Verve Records, among many others. Then there’s the high profile, remix projects officially made for superstars Coldplay, Mary J. Blige and Foals, and let’s not forget the two full length albums he made with Jazz and Electronica artist Bugge Wesseltoft.

Metropole Orkest is world famous and mostly known for their non-classical, non-conventional way of presenting contemporary orchestra music. The back-story goes… the music on “Scripted Orkest” was originally performed at ADE 2016. And now it’s getting its official release on May 25th via 7K! 

Accompanied with Metrople Orkest, Henrik and conductor Jules Buckley shared a common passion—writing and producing orchestral musical compositions specifically for live players.  The lead single—“You’re A Fireball”—is a progressively masterful representation of out front orchestral instrumentation residing high above a very deep electronic underpinning that lays out the dance-ability feels. According to Schwarz, the track serves as homage of sorts to people who have been a part of their lives. Check it out.

Additionally, Schwarz is quoted as saying… “Some say orchestra music is dying, that orchestras are dying. I believe they are about to be reborn. Computers and technology are taking over our lives; people have been hiding behind their screens, but there’s a yearning for more human interaction. With orchestras, the human element is undeniable. I think there are some very interesting developments happening in modern composition. It’s at the start of something new.” 

We all should take note and dare to expand our listening choices to include this kind of music. It is a bold and revolutionary vision, designed to blend contemporary and orchestral music with modern electronics and digital elements that ultimately and prominently place the mastery of live performance in the limelight.  

“Scripted Orkest” is now available on CD and Digital formats, as well as a double LP Vinyl package.All formats feature 8 gorgeous tracks: “Do You Like What You See,” “Gygylili,”  “You’re A Fireball,”  “Counter Culture,” ”Stratosphärenspäher,” “Algorhythm,” “Me Vibrate” and “Valid Complaint.”

—Catherine Strickland

Henrik Schwarz & Metropole Orkest - Scripted Orkestra


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