Iceland’s Lord Pusswhip & Alfred Drexler Announce Debut Album And New Single

As integral components of the new wave of experimental music conceived in Iceland, Lord Pusswhip and Alfred Drexler come together under a new passion project, PSYCHOPLASMICS. Encompassing varying elements from Hip-Hop, IDM and Breakbeat, the pair unveil the first single from their forthcoming album, “107 RVK.”

Having known one another since birth, Pusswhip and Drexler have grown up with mirroring musical influences and inspirations. Recently scoring music for the Adidas Originals NEIGHBORHOOD SS18 commercial, Lord Pusswhip is lauded as one of the hottest names in the Icelandic music scene. Likewise, best-friend and creative partner, Alfred Drexler has made a similar name for himself, coining his own distinctive aesthetic sporting a WW2-style gas mask.

Together, the pair have received major love and respect in the underground scene, releasing previous single “101 Reykjavik” back in 2014. An explosive track showcasing the PSYCHOPLASMICS sound, it was an unexpected hit on Soundcloud and Youtube. The track and accompanying music video set a new bar in the Icelandic music scene, paving the way for a new trend in popular music, to have music videos with an DIY analog aesthetic; a quality that pumps through the veins of PSYCHOPLASMICS to this day.

A direct sequel from their 2014 track, “107 RVK” opens the door into the kaleidoscopic world of PSYCHOPLASMICS. From what started as a sample concept deep in the mind of Pusswhip, the track fuses looping vocals with organic field recordings, plunging the listener into a psychedelic trip; embodying PSYCHOPLASMICS raw DIY attitude. Oozing energy and intensity right from the offset, Hip-Hop beats are welded together with drilling Trap and Breakbeat elements. A taste of an LP that is poised to blur genre boundaries, ‘107 RVK’ will also feature as the first track on the album.

PSYCHOPLASMICS “107 RVK” is out now via PSYCHOPLASMICS. Stream it here.


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