Influences That Made: JustChokus!

With their intricate, aggressive and emotional sound, JustChokus! have taken the world by storm. The New Dehli based duo has mastered their craft, impressing their fans with a combination of infectious rhythm and mad synthesis all topped off with a unique JustChokus! vibe which is inimitable. Also creating amazing sets and mixes for crowds all around their native country, they truly love their music and can’t get enough. Our partners over at Matt Caldwell PR asked the guys what their biggest influences were and who has made them who they are today musically. We deliver their answers.

Skrillex: One of the most unique artists out there, Skrillex helped us get in to Dance music. His groovy Dubstep made us bounce and is still our favorite for a good night out!

Diplo: Another unique artist out there, Diplo helped us realize; just be good at what you do, good things will happen when they happen. From poppy melodies to bass heavy music, Diplo is an all-rounder for us!

Dillion Francis: We call him our “Moomba-raja,” in our country raja means the king and that’s what we think he is in his genre.

Calvin Harris: Our personal favorite, he has taught us to never give up and that failure is a part of success. His songs speak for themselves, and we loved his tropical venture he did a while back especially “Slide!”

Party Favor: He is actually a party favorite! His music makes me dance even when I’m tired as hell! From “Booty Loose” to “Wawa” – he is dope!

Panda Eyes: His music taught us that simplicity is key. You don’t have to make complicated stuff to get to peoples heart, you have to just make it sound good. That touches our soul and that was really helpful for us. 

NGHTMR: Another great DJ/producer who inspired us in many ways. The minute we heard his track “Gud Vibrations” we knew it was the kind of stuff everyone should vibing on.

Virtual Riot: Honestly, we like Virtual Riot because of his sound design. He is one of the most talented DJ’s out there who can inspire you to make you own shit sound good, which is very helpful because, at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel and what you want to make out of it. 

Jauz: We basically like Bass House because of Jauz. He makes the kind of groove that just makes you get up and dance. And seriously who doesn’t like that?!

GTA: They don’t just make bangers, they make bangers that could really bang the shit out of peoples mind, and as EDM lovers we really like getting banged the shit out of our minds.

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