Introducing Stefanie Black: “The Girl With The Golden Voice”

Described as “The Girl with the Golden Voice,”  Stefanie Black has captivated audiences with her mature singing voice, specializing in musicals, power ballads and soft Pop in her own concerts. Stefanie is rapidly making a huge name for herself after various appearances on European X Factor series and Germany’s Got Talent and we have an exclusive interview to share with you courtesy of our friends over at Matt Caldwell PR.

Hey Stefanie, thanks for taking time out to have a chat with us. What have you been up to in the past year?

Stefanie Black: Hello! Been a pretty busy year actually. I am currently in college studying music, which takes up a lot of time. I have also been flying back and forth to London and Cologne, where I am writing and recording my own songs as I hope to bring out an album soon. I’ve also had a few concerts in Germany and in Spain.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

SB: I’m 19 years old. I love to read and write and have a huge passion for travelling. I was bullied most of my life, which made me start to do home schooling and I finished High School at the age of 16. My whole life I have always done something involving music, whether it is theatre, singing, or dancing, I always knew that I had to do something involving the Performing Arts.

What made you take a decision to get into the music scene?

SB: It all started when I was 2 years old and ran up onstage while we were on holiday on a cruise ship. I told the cruise director that I wanted to sing too. I went up there every night and sang nursery rhymes. Since that day I always found ways to be involved with stages. At age 13 I started singing more seriously. I entered a local talent competition and started to get more confidence and everything blossomed from there.

Who were your influences which have inspired you, and is there certain genre route you’d like to go down?

SB: The one thing that inspired me most to sing and keep singing was watching the musical “Les Misérables”. I got such a wonderful feeling watching it, and it would always make me want to push towards something that would one day let me sing on that stage. A singer who really influenced me a lot was a German singer called Helene Fischer. She is so amazing and her songs are just wonderful. My favourite genre is musicals, but I also have a huge love for Ballads, Classical music, German Pop and Slow Pop.

How would you describe your sound?

SB: I’ve always found it very hard to describe my voice myself, but other people describe my voice as unique, fragile, special, controlled, and powerful.

What has been your top career highlight so far?

SB: Getting to sing on the German version of Got Talent and also now being nominated as Top 3 for Germany’s Best Singer Prize!

What’s next for you over the rest of the year and next year?

SB: By the end of this year I am hoping to bring out my own solo album. I’ve also been invited to the Alpen Grand Prix final in Merano, Italy and have been nominated in the German Rock and Pop Prize as Top 3 in Germany’s Best Singer. What happens next year depends on a lot of factors, but I will be finishing my studies next year September, which is exciting.

Are there any up and coming artists that have caught your eye and that you would recommend giving a listen to?

SB: I’m not really a huge follower of what’s new at the moment as I’m quite a big fan of older music like ABBA, Queen, and Celine Dion.

Finally, any shout outs or anything else you would like to add?

SB: A shout out to my parents who have constantly supported me and helped me throughout everything. Just, thank you!

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