Jaksan: Behind The Scenes-“Effort”

Jaksan’s track “Effort” released back in February is a bass-driven Tech House tune full of groove and obscure robotic crossed spacey samples that provides a fresh take on the genre and transcends you to a different planet. Jaksan is known for his innovative beats and signature groove after spending the last 8 years honing his craft. We caught up with him to discuss some behind the scenes information about “Effort.”

Tell us a bit about the story behind “Effort?” 

Jaksan: I wanted to make a track that was effortless to mix into my sets one that would come in and out smoothly.

How does this track differ to some of your other releases? 

Jaksan: The energy is a little more laid back and in other tracks where I tend to make one FX or synth the start, I threw in quite a bit of fx that all get their chance to shine.

What do you do to help with writers block? 

Jaksan: It took me years to figure this out and I still get stumped sometimes but I learned for me that going out to a show and watching another DJ helps to re-inspire me.

How long did ‘Effort’ take you to create? 

Jaksan: It only took me 1 day actually!

What top tip do you have for budding producers? 

Jaksan: Practice finishing tracks more than anything! Make it a habit, it doesn’t have to be perfect I promise you’ll always have better idea, don’t be afraid to let one go.

What is the biggest mistake you can make when producing music? 

Jaksan: If you have to force a project and you’re not having fun, scratch it and start something you’re going to have fun with. Ultimately this is why I switched the genre I produce because I enjoy it more.

How do you feel your music has evolved?

Jaksan: I love to have fun and dance with the crowd too and I think you can hear that in the music now but ultimately, I think my confidence can be heard more in my tracks now.

Who’s opinion do you value most for your music? 

Jaksan: The crowd I’m playing for at the moment, I love testing out new tracks and seeing the reactions.

Do you have any goals set for this year? 

Jaksan: I’m hoping to land my first international gig & festival this year.

Finally, where can we go to check out more of your releases? 

Jaksan: Wherever you enjoy your music most people use Spotify I think but if you really want to hear the goods check me out live I try to play a lot of unreleased tracks and keep it fresh.

Stream “Effort” here.

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