James Arena “Stars of 21st Century Dance Pop and EDM” Excerpt Series Part 6: Ferry Corsten

The trance-fused hit dance tracks of Moonman, System F and Gouryella, released in the late ’90s and throughout the 2000s, share one thing in common—the progressive, creative vision of Dutch producer and DJ Ferry Corsten. His early worldwide smash “Out Of the Blue” (1998), under his System F moniker, was a Top 20 hit in the UK and a major influential track of the period, but he has since broadened the scope of his art to include other forms of electronic dance music, including progressive house.

James Arena: Would you say that all the sub-genres in dance music today are legitimate—in that they represent solid new creative tangents?

Ferry Corsten: “Well, if you look at all the genres in electronic music now, they are not so much music-driven as they are technology-driven. Dub-step and all that. You don’t make the best dub-step track if you just come up with a great melody. It’s all about the weird effects and the crazy stuff going on with the beats and bass. It’s not really about melody or music—these sub-genres are often more about the freaky sounds you can create. That’s how a lot of audiences are ‘wowed’ today.”

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