James Arena “Stars of 21st Century Dance Pop and EDM” Excerpt Series Part 5: Harrison

It all started with his self-penned track, “Take Me Home,” a song elevated by the artist’s stirring vocals, thoughtful lyrics and an inspiriting EDM beat. It cleared the way for him to be acknowledged by such notables as David Guetta, Avicii, Hardwell and Steve Aoki. His anthem “Ain’t A Party” became a hands-in-the air smash in 2013, and subsequent releases, including “The Wave” with Vinai in 2015, have kept the buzz building for Harrison.

James Arena: Now that you’ve been in dance music for a few years, do you subscribe to that philosophy which advises one never meet one’s heroes?

Harrison: “Well, it’s true, I could tell you stories where exactly that has happened. But you know what it comes down to? I am where I am now, and you just have to protect yourself, your art and your work. I am happy to collaborate with other artists, but now I know I won’t consider it unless I know my name will be listed first or as ‘and Harrison’—on equal billing with the other artist(s) involved.”

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