JBXDR-“Wave Talk”: Album Review

Jörn Bielfeldt aka JBXDR is an innovative electronic music producer and jazz drummer residing in Berlin, Germany. He’s also a graduate of the famed Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachussetts and has worked with some of the biggest music producers in the world, including Daniel Lanois, Neil Young, Belle and Sebastian, Teri Lyne Carrington, Diana Krall and Esperanza Spalding. 

Often compared to Shigeto, Teebs and Flying Lotus, JBXDR sources of inspiration can be traced back to the late J Dilla and Deantoni Parks—an avant-garde producer with credits including The Mars Volta, Bosnian Rainbows, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group and Kudu. JBXDR is known for combining electronic sounds textures with improvised and provocative drum beats and percussion.

“Wave Talk” is a collection of 12 songs. By far, this album is unlike anything you’ve probably heard all year or perhaps ever. This innovative underground musician has infused his jazz and improvisational skills on each and every track. Crunchy beats, lots of fills, and vivid rhythmic patterns rising above the electronic sounds is what you can expect. It’s aggressive and progressive, yet there are moments where Jörn shows incredible touch and sensitivity, not to overcompensate the song with heavy drum and percussion. This is not an easy thing to accomplish, especially if you are a drummer. 

Once you hit the play button, you’ll be hearing music like no other. It mystifies and amazes. Highlights include the album’s opener “Mass Adoption/Direct Opposition” featuring beat-driven patterns, dark, deep, atmospheres and oriental sounds. “Refusal” demonstrates and showcases Jörn’s ability to write sophisticated chord progressions to compliment his precision drumming while keeping the track playful and somewhat loungy. “Single Slice Of Time” features great vocal samples, experimental percussive techniques and splices. “Accelerate Everything” is a bass heavy, heartbeat soaked, toe-tapping, synth rollercoaster ride underscored by JBXDR’s innovative, yet always pleasing set of skills behind a drum kit. 

The saying goes “Wave Talk” is very colorful, precise in song construction and potent with high levels of energy illustrating JBXDR’s love, life and everything in between. For those looking for something different, exciting, and really on the electronic music underground’s cutting edge, this album is definitely one to check out. 


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