Jens Mueller: Behind The Scenes-“18XK01”

German artist Jens Mueller is a serious fan of all things Techno; he has selecting tracks behind the decks since 1994 and has gone on to create two successful record labels called Sound Kleckse Records and Techno Pressure Records. Jens love for music is also whittled down into a weekly radio show that’s broadcasted across 6 radio stations. We caught up with Jens to discuss he most recent EP titled “18XK01.”

Tell us a little bit about the concept of this EP?

Jens Mueller: This EP consists of 2 relatively straightforward Techno tracks, which mainly focus on the synth elements.

Who in the Techno scene is impressing you at the moment?

JM:Marco Faraone” has really impressed me recently, he produces and plays Techno that is right up my street. Then there is Uto Karem, whose current productions fit almost exactly into my style, so I always like to play his tracks when I’m DJ’ing.

What elements do you think make an incredible techno tune?

JM: There are a lot of them, for example drums, percussions or synths as well as bass lines. These elements can all be used to create something new and amazing Techno tunes.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

JM: Collaborations are fun and meaningful with a lot of people. Of course, I would like to produce with people who have always been my role models and whose work always convinces and surprises me. Wait and see what the future holds!

How long did you take to make this EP?

JM: I’m not too sure about that; I produced these two tracks together with two others back in the winter. I think the process for all 4 tracks took some weeks with a few minor interruptions.

If you could produce any other genre of music, what would it be and why?

JM: I have been addicted to Techno and Electronic music since my youth, so it is not an option for me to produce any other music. I am so passionate about Techno; I like to flip between Tech House, Techno, Melodic and Hard Techno.

What’s next for Jens Mueller?

JM: In August I’m going to Ibiza again for 9 days where I’ve got some gigs lined up for a friendly label called Head Cuts Records. The dates will be planned and announced soon. In addition to that, some tracks have now been finished so I’m just waiting to hear back from some labels, which is exciting. Also, we’ve got some incredible releases planned on my label Sound Kleckse Records.

Where can we go to buy 18XK01?

JM: The EP can actually be found in all known online music shops like Beatport, Juno Download, Amazon, iTunes etc. its also on streaming portals like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and more.

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