Juliet Fox: The Belle of the Booth

Juliet Fox is a techno producer, DJ and radio presenter home based in Berlin. Originally from South Australia, she was taught to play the guitar and piano at a young age, developing and shaping her future interest and desire to pursue music as a professional DJ and music producer. These days, she is being hailed as “the belle of the booth” and is becoming an internationally known, top draw talent showcasing a live penchant for filling dance floors all over the world.  She is known as a versatile and dynamic DJ delivering quality tracks and blazing live sets.  Having established herself as a household name in Australia’s club scene, she took off to Ibiza. It didn’t take long for Juliet to become an in-demand talent with repeat appearances in some of the island’s biggest clubs. Birmingham, U.K. would be the next stop on Juliet’s journey. Just like her stay in Ibiza, she took to the music scene quickly and landed residencies at If…You Want It, Bushwackers, FACE and Rainbow Warehouse. It was also in Birmingham when she was first approached to launch her own Radio Show “Attraction Radio” on Manchester Global Radio. Getting back to recent times, 2017 wrapped up a being one of the most successful for Juliet. Traveling and playing in front of thousands throughout Asia with tours in Thailand, South Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States expanded her visibility and popularity. Musically, last year’s output includes a collaboration with Ramiro Lopez, unleashing two anthems—“Twisted”(ODD Recordings) and “Come Closer” (Drumcode), one of Adam Beyer’s favorites of year 2017, were highlights as well as dropping “Radiate” also an ODD release produced with Arjun Vagale with set inclusion from Sam Paganini, Pan-pot, Alan Fitzpatrick, Pleasurekraft and Noir. You can find Juliet’s recordings on Drumcode (including the new track “Wanted Me” for Drumcode’s “A-Sides Volume 7,” out on September 10), Odd Recordings, Relief Records, Toolroom, Suara, Set About, Great Stuff Recordings, and Cajual Records. Recent releases include 2 EPs—“Sunday Morning Illusion” (Upon Access) and “Against Gravity” with Galiya (Set About). 

—Leo Weaver

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