Label Watch: Grotesque Music

Tiësto’s label Black Hole Recordings is the home of several successful subsidiary labels that include AVA Records, In Trance We Trust, Magik Musik and Perfecto. Added to the list in 2014 is Grotesque Music and it’s offshoots Grotesque Fusion and Grotesque Reworked. The label is run by the artist and DJ known as RAM  and Geert Huiink, and they have taken their experiences as trance producers and presenters of popular Club Nights and Festivals and have released 12 singles and a compilation LP in just 2 years time. The Grotesque Music roster is substantial and impressive featuring well known names that include Craig Connelly, M.I.K.E. Push, Steven Kirkwood, and label co-honco RAM.

Recent releases from the label are Andres Sanchez & Katherine Amy – ‘These Ties Are Binding’ (rel. 11.28.2016), RAM & James Dymond featuring Aelyn – ‘Paradise’ (ref. 11.14.2016),  Rene Ablaze & Diana Leah’s Don’t Turn Away’ (rel. 10.31.2016), Daniel Skyver featuring Cari ‘Teardrop Eyes’ (rel. 10.17.2016), Steven Kirkwood & 2nd Phase ‘Steal this Track’ (rel. 10.24.2016-GF), Allan Morrow ‘Out of Reach’ (rel. 10.03.2016-GF), and Phynn ‘Lucid’ (rel. 10.10.2016-GRW).

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