Latest Issue Cover Feature: Rainer C. Regatschnig

Thirty-plus years ago, Austria was taking the world’s pop and dance charts by storm with a flurry of powerhouse hits. Falco’s “Der Komissar” and “Rock Me Amadeus,” Opus’ “Live Is Life” and Edelweiss’ “Bring Me Edelweiss” became iconic anthems of the ’80s—impressive for a relatively small country whose biggest previous musical contributions had been largely limited to the realm of classical music. Today, Austria has a vital electronic music scene and emerging from it are three artists who have combined forces to form a new dance music entity known as Club27. It began with producer and Austria native Rainer C. Regatschnig’s 2017 idea to revamp another ’80s gem (Taco’s 1982 version of the Irving Berlin song “Puttin On The Ritz” which reached number four on the US pop charts). This led to the formation of his partnership with Berlin-based Wolfgang Lohr, one of the electro-swing genre’s best-known producers, and Justin Fidèle, a DJ and remixer from Germany, highly prolific on the international circuit. 

After finding great success in the electro-swing market, the trio hopes to expand their world presence through Club27 by reinventing classic rock tracks in progressive, floor-filling styles. The project begins with the house-bent premiere single, “Sympathy For The Devil,” which features New Order-esque cover art. We spoke with Rainer from his home in Vienna and discussed his team’s ambitious plans to recapture the dance floor excitement his Austrian predecessors mastered so well.

Read the interview here.

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