Lyonbrotherz: Tracks That Shaped Me

The Lyonbrotherz came from humble beginnings as they wrote lyrics over the top of other people’s hip-hop productions as their passion for music grew they went on to learning to produce music of their own before finally falling in love with Electronic music. The Lyonbrotherz have gone on to creating their own label League of Lyons and working with some incredible artists. Some of their music includes ‘Liberty’, ‘Hit The Floor’ and more recently ‘Heartstrings’ with Pengwin and Jay Valee. We caught up with the boys to discuss their music taste and how it has shaped who they are today.

Holly Roscoe: What sort of music did you listen to during your childhood?

Lyonbrotherz: We used to listen to mostly Hip Hop tracks, classic songs like ‘Juicy’ by B.I.G or ‘California Love’ from Tupac.

HR: What is the one artist who has constantly inspired you?

Lyonbrotherz: Lyonbrotherz haha, only joking! There are too many to choose from.

HR: What song first drew you to the dance music industry?

Lyonbrotherz: Snake by Blasterjaxx.

HR: How has your music taste evolved over the years?

Lyonbrotherz: It’s definitely become more electronic but we still love Hip Hop, we grew up with that music so we always have a soft spot for it.

HR: When you think of a favorite memory, what song comes to mind and why?

Lyonbrotherz: Definitely Sky and Sand by Paul Kalkbrenner. It was our first time at a festival and we experienced this magical moment, the sun was going down, it was warm, the alcohol tasted perfect, some fireworks were launched into the sky… it was such a perfect party.

HR: If you could produce any other genre of music what would it be and why?

Lyonbrotherz: That´s a difficult question because currently we´re working and producing some different genres at the moment but yeah we think it would most likely be Techno, because we like the basic, industrial vibes.

HR: What decade of music do you feel was the most influential?

Lyonbrotherz: The beginning of the 2000´s.

HR: Where do you mostly find new music?

Lyonbrotherz: We receive a lot of demos, especially as we like to look out for new talent for our label League of Lyons and we usually look on platforms like YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music.

HR: Tell us one song that we should go and check out?

Lyonbrotherz: Check out our new one ‘Heartstrings’ with Pengwin and Jay Vallée 🙂

HR: Finally, how do you think the music you listen to defines you as an artist?

Lyonbrotherz: How? Hmm, we don’t really think our style has changed that much haha. We’re just doing what we like and making music! Maybe there’s a bit of a difference because of the music we’re listening to but we can´t answer you that question, sorry!

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