Markus Schulz-Watch The World Deluxe: Album Review

Springtime 2017, Markus Schulz released a full-length album, “Watch The World,” a collection of 15 songs representing a shift in the prolific producer’s writing and musical identity. The original album, written in more of a Pop vein, features acoustic instrumentation at its base, lots of magnificent vocals and contributions from guest artists Adina Butar, Brooke Tomlinson, Cayo, Ethan Thompson, Nikki Flores and Helen, upbeat rhythms all inside a electronic dance oriented formula.

While creating the “Watch The World” album, thoughts of taking the music in a more Club oriented direction began to creep in and in October 2017, Schulz released a Deluxe 2 CD package of “Watch The World,” working out new sounds designed for the club scene. For the project, Schulz picked some great talent, such as Solarstone, We Rabbitz, JackLNDN among other leading contemporaries and peers to revamp the original WTW tracks, using a heavy duty electronic instrumentation as its foundation, taking each song down an awesome remix and extended mix highway.

In a nutshell, this is 3 hours and 55 minutes of majestic dance music, unleashed upon you with gigantic sound—bright and bold, glorious vocal edits, climatic builds and drops and high energy dance beats, all of which feature “bigly”(check out “Better You” and “I Hear You Calling”—you’ll get what I mean). While these are just two personal eyebrow raisers, there’s no doubt that you‘ll find many tracks getting repeat plays on your device, so, bottom-line, it’s all epic. And, it’s also nice to hear the original song’s underpinnings subtly displayed beneath the dance heavy gloss over’s.

Track by track, with each being Club ready, keeps you interested and engaged and not only showcases the talents and abilities of each guest remixer and/or collaborator, but most importantly, showcases Markus as a progressive songwriter and composer who is leading the pack of the most creative dance music creators and producers working today. Highlights of the “Watch The World” Deluxe set include: “You And I” and “New York City” [Take Me Away] featuring Adina Butar; “Luce Prima”—14 minutes of glorious trance; “In The Night” remixed by 4 Strings and Dave Neven; the remixes of “Love Me Like You Never Did” by Standerwick, and Nifra; Kyau & Albert’s as well as Amir Hussain’s remixes of “Destiny” and Fisherman & Hawkins “Favourite Nightmare” remix.

While the above are well deemed highlights, truth is, throughout the massive 34 track package, 17 extended mixes and 17 remixes, you get an extension of brilliant embellishment and polish to an already gorgeously written original. A must have!

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