Mateo Paz: Behind The Scenes-“Gain Radio Show”

Mateo Paz is best known for his energy and passion that he translates so beautifully into his intricate, Progressive House productions. He achieved a top 20 Billboard hit with Grammy nominated artists Eddie Amador and Kwanza Jones, has had remixes signed to Universal and creates a successful radio show called ‘Gain’ each week. We caught up with Mateo to find out just what goes into his ‘Gain’ broadcasts.

Holly Roscoe: What sparked the idea of creating a radio show?

Mateo Paz: It’s was purely down to the fact that I wanted to share my playlist with other people. I fell in love with it and I thought how interesting it could be to make a brand out of it later on. There are so many radio shows out there but I tend to make Gain unique.

HR: How long has Gain been running?

MP: It’s been almost 4 years since the first mix!

HR: How do you go about planning each week’s show?

MP: Every day I try to spend about 15-30 minutes listening to promos I receive, and when I finally get enough tracks for the mix, I then go on to recording and post-production. 

HR: Where do you find all of the music you play?

MP: I get promos every day, as I mentioned, but often artists send tracks that are not released yet. With their approval, I play them in my show, which always makes the mix really interesting.

HR: What’s the recording process of the show like?

MP: Other than finding tracks and putting them in order, I used to record radio shows on CDJs and a mixer, but unfortunately due to frequent traveling – it’s not always possible. Currently, I usually use Ableton Live to record them.

HR: Where do you see Gain in the next 3 years?

MP: Certainly I would like to hear it on a national frequency radio station in the future but in three years, I guess that digital radio stations would be more possible, like Proton or Frisky radio.

HR: You have some really cool artwork for each show, where do you get the inspiration for those?

MP: I have a graphic designer that understand my needs. We met in a club in Abu Dhabi, where she designed posters for a club – her name is Taleen Arslanian. Now we work remotely but it’s still a perfect and professional cooperation.

HR: Do you have an email where producers can send their music to you?

MP: Of course! My email is

HR: Finally, when and where can people go to find new episodes?

MP: I post them on Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Youtube every Sunday, but hopefully they’ll soon be on Spotify and iTunes.

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