MaWayy: The Duo Of Sublime

“Sizzling electropop.” That’s what The Huffington Post has said about the musical sounds coming from Iranian-American Emmy Award winner Brian Wayy and Iranian producer, artist and DJ Masoud Fuladi Moghaddam collaborating as the duo MaWayy.

Brian Wayy is known for his work in TV providing music for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Judge Mathis, TMZ and The Bachelor in addition to being a producer, songwriter and remixer. By the age of 18 he was already signed to major record label MCA and by 24 years old he would tour with The Untouchables, UB40, The Police, Duran Duran. His official remix catalogue includes work for superstars such as Rod Stewart, Paula Abdul, The Doobie Brothers, and his production credits include work for Diana Ross, Stevie B, and Corbin Bleu.

Masoud Fuladi’s beginnings go back to 2009’s “Leave It All Behind,” a collaboration with Jaren and Josie Cerf. First discovered and signed to Ferry Cortsen’s Flashover Recordings. Fuladi would go on to release a two more remixes starting with NYC’s DJ Eco Pres;’s “Staring At The Sea,” followed by a remix of Sebastian Brandt’s“Blinded,” that solidified his stature as a producer and music maker. You can find Fuladi’s remixes and productions on a many compilations and labels such as “A State of Trance,”, Trance Nation, Armada Lounge, Spinnin’ and Ministry of Sound. Wayy and Fuladi’s introduction came by way of Fuldai signing a contract to work with Teletunez in which the two released theme songs to Warner Bros TV including “Crime Watch Daily and TMZ Hollywood Sports.

In 2015 Faludi and Wayy officially started releasing music as an EDM duo under the name of MaWayy. Their first single “Wrong” was released last year through Teletunez division HiTunez and Blanco Y Negro, peaking and staying at #42 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart for three weeks.

Three years on, the follow up to “Wrong” was released on October 12. The track features epic build-ups, heavy bounces to killer drops and simple vocals. The two are just hitting their stride showcasing a polished ability to produce infectious pop music with simplistic expertise. Watch MaWayy as “Blame” will continue to push the duo to the limelight and raise their status as songwriters and producers.

—Leo Weaver

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