Mert Butuner: Behind The Scenes-“Inferno”

Mert Butuner is one of Manchester’s finest exports in EDM. Fans and industry professionals all over the world have lapped up his energetic and emotional sound in the last couple of years and he has big plans for the near future. Releasing “Inferno” with his collaborator 3lackjack, he has shown that his output is still improving in quality every time. We caught up with him to learn more about the latest release and what he has planned in the coming months!

So, how did “Inferno” come about?

Mert Butuner: It is a product of a weekend long of studio session with my good friend 3lackjack from Germany, who visited me in my studio in the UK.

Do you think this is the epitome of the Butuner sound?

Mert Butuner: It is a sound that I have been producing lately, but I am always trying to develop my sound and improve upon my previous work every time.

How do you feel 2018 has been for you so far?

Mert Butuner: It has been great so far, checked a lot of things off my list for the year already, like Inferno reaching as high as 30th place on Beatport and the Blasterjaxx support! But there are so many more things planned the second half of 2018, so it will be next level!

How did the track start – from a simple idea or did you have an idea of how you wanted it to sound pretty quick?

Mert ButunerIt formed as a simple drop idea, evolved over the few days and then we came up with a huge breakdown that goes with it.

How long did it take to complete the track, from start to finish?

Mert ButunerIt took a full weekend and an additional few days of sending ideas back and forth with 3lackjack and finalizing the track.

Are you looking forward to the summer season?

Mert ButunerYes, I always do, gotta love the summer season with all the festivals and events!

Where next for Mert Butuner?

Mert Butuner: So many new projects and tracks planned for the rest of this year so stay tuned!

Finally, how can we listen to “Inferno?”

Mert ButunerYou can have a listen on Spotify, Soundcloud and purchase it on Beatport. Just search Mert Butuner on any of the platforms to access any of my other music also.

Buy “Inferno” at Beatport.

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