Mitekiss-“Crate Six Seven”: Album Review

Mitekiss is a drum and bass music producer hailing from London. Working for years, Mitekiss has had a long ride carving out his space in the DnB scene with several impressive releases on some of the genres biggest and successful labels.  

Starting out at age 15, Mitekiss has mastered a sound all his own—exotic, diverse and experimental while staying true to DnB traditions. His watershed moment came via Shogun Audio’s label head discovering, what would be a breaktrough track in “Void”—later released through Skankandbass. Immediately following the success of “Void,” came the opportunity from London Elektricity to remix his classic “Just One Second.” Since then, he has released on some of DnB’s finest purveyors of the genre including Shogun Audio, SGN:LTD, MTA, as well as his own imprint Goldfat. Now the stage is set as Mitekiss is officially among the elite DnB producers on Hospital Records’ roster. As of November 2nd, “Crate Six Seven” has been making the rounds, gaining support and critical praise from media outlets including DJ Mag, BBC Radio 1, UKF and more, helping to spread the news of this remarkable album of Drum and Bass tunage, featuring special guest collaborations with vocalists Emer Dineen, Mr. Porter, Emilienne Chouadossi and Naibu.

The album’s first four tracks: “Crate Six Seven,” “Body Move,” “Farmost” and “Hutan” introduce complex composition and exploration in sound realizing deep expressions of colorful melodies alongside drum and bass dance rhythms. On “Lenz” and “Another Sad Song,” Mitekiss flips the feel on its head as it gets deep down and dirty with darker tones and features gnarly and deeply soulful vocals by Mr. Porter. “Human” brings the heat with prominent jazz drumming rhythms, sci-fi effects and samples. “Turn Up” and “Viewpoint” gleen and glint with calm and soothing synths lines, mid-to-rapid-tempo beats and jazzy/soulful grooves. “Fellowship” dips its toes in the cool waters of ambient tones and layered heavenly sounds with the drum and bass laying down the beat. 

The last four tracks: “Genesis,” “Straw Man,” “Goolab” and “Flight” roundout the collection of songs found on “Crate Six Seven.” Just like the first four opening tracks, these songs explore and express similar  “feels.”

Summing it all up, Mitekiss’s Hospital Records Long Player debut is a unique collection of 14 songs that are stunningly beautiful, delicate and silky smooth. The album continues to amaze as you transition track to track with moody complexities that is rarely seen in DnB music. He has managed to successfully deliver an album, not primarily rooted in frenzied drum and bass leanings, but brings thoughtful atmosphere front and center, making for a unique listening experience. Without a doubt, “Crate Six Seven” is of one of finest and most interesting Drum and Bass albums of 2018. 



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