Mothica: A Bright Star in Dark Pop

The Wikipedia definition of Dark pop, dark-pop, or darkpop is a music genre consisting of melodic pop vocals mixed with dark wave instrumentals. Dark pop usually features heavy use of the synthesizer reminiscent of industrial and gothic rock. In addition to industrial and alternative rock-influenced instrumentation, dark pop compositions often feature hip-hop or techno drums with a sub bass sound. Bands and musicians that fit into this genre range from New Order, Peter Murphy and Duran Duran to The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Screaming Trees and Charli XCX, among dozens of others.

Is Mothica primed and positioned to join the elite ranks within Dark pop, its sub-genres, and beyond? McKenzie Ellis, aka Mothica, career began in 2014 marking the entrance of a new star in the making. The Oklahoma native has accumulated over 60 million streams with just two EPs 2015’s ‘Mythic’ and the recently released ‘Heavy Heart.’

The singer songwriter, living now in Brooklyn, New York, adds the key ingredients that reaches the depths of your soul: somberness, emotional turmoil, forbidden relationships and inner despair with her heavy under-toned electronic pop-ballad creations. Achieving the proverbial phrase “as an emerging artist to keep an eye on” came through an active presence in the underground circuit performing gigs with Elénne, Icarus, Moth, Diversa, Gladiator, Pusher to name a few across the country, and let’s not to forget all the “buzz” coming from media like The FADER, Earmilk, MILK and other reputable outlets.

So, to address the question posed in the beginning of this article, “Is Mothica primed and positioned to join the elite ranks within Dark pop, its sub-genres, and beyond?” From where I sit, the answer is a deservedly and most certainly yes.

—Catherine Strickland

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