Music Producer Convention Paris 2017 Set To Premiere October 14 & 15

The world as we know it has changed greatly since the arrival of internet and the evolution of technology. And music is no different. The era of big major label dominion, expensive studios and record deal monopoly has shifted to a direct to fan, do it yourself, independent majors, wild wild west type of scenario. Nowadays, anybody can make music—even from their smartphone—record their voice, create a video and share it with the whole world through social networks. Independent artists are winning Grammy’s with mixtapes, producer/dj’s earn incredible amounts of money to perform their beats and artists are transforming streams into major sources of income. Yet it is a long journey and there is a lot to do, learn and understand before getting to the top…

Music production and the music industry are a complicated maze to navigate, it can take years of experience to achieve a certain level of success. Some, unfortunately, might never make it, and many get into it everyday, chasing the dream, chasing goosebumps or chasing money. Never has there been so much music created and released on the daily with so many different ways to discover and listen to it. Making a way out of the noise is no easy task. But it’s possible! Others have done it, are doing it, and new artists are breaking the mold and setting precedents all the time, even as we write this presentation.

Phenomenons like Hip-Hop, Urban and electronic music have become the most popular styles all over the world. They have influenced the whole industry and created a shift in how the game is played. After the era of the bands, groups, the MC’s, the dj’s and solo artists, producers and beat makers are now at the forefront of pop culture. But it is still a mysterious trade that often works in the shadows.

Even though resources are plentiful across the web, nothing compares to hands on experience, face to face networking and in person learning from those who are doing it. It is with all these things in mind that we created the Music Producer Convention. This event’s goal is to give knowledge, tools and keys to upcoming and established beat makers and producers to take their career to the next level.

The 2 day event will include masterclasses, workshops and keynotes in top notch studio facilities as well as a competition on the first night with chances to get noticed, and win prizes. MPC will play host to world renowned producers who have created successful careers for themselves and are willing to share their knowledge with our attendees. From the creation and production process to music industry tricks and insider tips, MPC will go through it all including business aspects such as sample clearances, placements, publishing, distribution, touring and management.

Whether you’re a new producer making beats in your room, a seasoned producer still striving to earn a living from your art or a successful producer trying to stay on top of your game: Music Producer Convention is for you!

This kind of gathering is rare on the old continent, producers who want to attend such events are forced to go abroad to participate. MPC create a rich european eco-system and a platform for producers to connect, learn and take their music to the next level.


Music Producer Convention offers 20 workshops, lectures and masterclasses concentrated on the weekend of October 14 & 15.

Speakers among the most influential of the actual scene coming from multiple different countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia and France among others) congregate to share their knowledge and provide particular interaction with attendees during the various topics of the convention.

In order to match current industry standards and provide the best possible framework for studio learning and training, Abbey Road Institute Paris team up to host all workshops in its premises during the two day convention.

Among many professionals (see pics below), the presence of some of North America’s top notch producers as well as prominent European producers will make MPC17′ an all-time experience.

The full line up will be disclosed soon through our official website and social networks. Grammy awarded, Multi-platinum, gold certified producers will be present during this unique event. Cumulated Credits include productions for big names such as Pharrell Williams, A$AP Rocky, Drake, the Game, Rick Ross, Dj Khaled, Lil Wayne, Scarface, Royce da 5’9, B.o.B, Beenie Man, PopCaan, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep and many others! Some of these producers are focused on studio production and placements while others fill up venues with their live beatmaking sets. It’s all in the game! And now you can get a chance to learn to play with the best.


Polydor Records / Universal Music Group (France)
BMG France Publishing (France)
Magnificent Music Publishing (France)
Coast 2 Coast Live (USA)
Major Players Music Management (UK)
Next Play Music Group (France)
DIN Records (France)

We are proud to be endorsed by some of the major players in the production equipment industry including Native Instruments, FL Studio and Izotope just to name a few. These partnerships ensure you get access to state of the art technologies to create your music and will be helping us gratify the best producers with prizes during our beat battle/ competition.

Music Producer Convention invites attendees to meet and share to set long term collaborations but also to enlarge their own professional network. Internet and social networks have made everything possible and everybody reachable at the speed of a DM. But we believe in person connections still hold as much if not more meaning and can fast track, make or break a career.From our masterclasses to keynotes, listening sessions and our competition, everything will be made to facilitate interactions between all attendees and artists. We will also be inviting VIP guests, Industry reps, tastemakers and artists to ensure the gatekeepers of this craft are present and as an attendee you will get access to people who could make a real difference in your career.

Music Producer Convention offers attendees a chance to challenge and compete to be the winner of this new producer showcase in Europe. The Music Producer Battle will give 16 producers a platform for their work to get critiqued and get advice from a jury composed of certified international producers, tastemakers and industry executives to gain audience recognition during this interactive show. At this occasion participants have a unique opportunity to draw attention on their production skills, get a placement on a commercial release, get picked out by a label or artist’s manager or win one of the grand prizes.

Tickets to the event and attendee spots will be especially limited and exclusive and officially go on sale Monday, October 2, 2017. So head over to and sign up to be the first to know when the website opens and get a chance.

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