Music Production 101 with Mert Butuner

2016 was the year Manchester based DJ/Producer Mert Butuner started to launch his career. This year, Mert kickstarted the year with his big room house banger ‘Follow the Bass’ where once again showed his ability as a producer to create energetic bass fuelled anthems. He describes his sound as ‘hard hitting’ and ‘electro influenced’ but also at the same time being ‘uplifting and emotional.’ Because of his passion for orchestral music and his love for dance music, he manages to create an original and beautiful hybrid of electronic dance music which makes his tracks stand out in any nightclub. Matt Caldwell PR reveals this recent chat with the man himself about his production style and his life as a producer.

Hi Mert, thanks for taking time out to have a chat with us about music production. Let’s start with what got you into producing music?

Mert Butuner: I have always been interested in making my own music, being classically trained in Piano at an early age, I used to write simple music. The main thing that got me involved in production was when I started DJing.

Did you teach yourself how to use software or did you go on courses?

MB: Well, mainly thought myself. Although I did attend to music production/mixing and mastering schools to improve my existing skills and technical knowledge.

What’s your preferred software you use?

MB: Logic Pro X.

What about plug-ins and VSTs? 

MB: In terms of synths, I use Sylenth1 a lot, also Spire, Massive and sometimes Serum. I often use plugins from Fabfilter, iZotope and Waves.

How do you get the ball rolling when starting to make a track?

MB: Most of the time, I start out with the drop. I find some drum samples I like and load up a simple lead on Sylenth 1 or Nexus and just record some drop melody ideas.

What’s the typical process you go through when making a tune?

MB: So, continuing from the previous question, once I am happy with the melody, I often tweak the lead sound slightly and add some more drums, percussion sounds before I switch to the breakdown section. Then I try to come up with a melody for the breakdown that fits the drop. After I finish this first ‘creative’ part, I complete the arrangement and the structure of the track. Then I work on layering, adding new sounds and all the other things that transform the track from the draft to the real thing. Finally, comes the mixdown and master.

Do you mix and master your own stuff?

MB: As much as I would like to mix and master my own stuff, currently I don’t, because I do not have the proper set-up.

How long does it usually take to finish a track?

MB: It depends really. Some tracks just take couple of days if the idea flows, some take a couple of months. But I usually try to complete the track as soon as possible to keep it flowing and relevant. I have found out that this is what works best for me.

What specifically stands out about your production style?

MB: I always try to layer real instruments like piano and strings on almost all my productions.

Finally, what’s next for Mert Butuner?

MB: Working on a lot of new stuff, but I am currently in the process of building my new studio and once it’s done I will be back in full speed.

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