Neveready: Wanting You To Get Lost In The Forest

Neveready is a self-professed vinyl collector and crate digger hailing from Finland.  He is also an experimental electronica and trip-hop music producer going back decades with releases on Fjuu, Anti-Party Music, Monsop and Redvolume and his debut-2013’s “Rejections” received a nomination for Debut Album Of The Year from Finland’s Funky Awards. Growing up in Vaasa, a small city on the west coast of Finland, his formative years were spent exploring and listening to his brother’s music, which was wide-ranging from Jimi Hendrix and The Doors to Mobb Deep to Metalheadz. Discovering early on the genres of Jungle, Drum & Bass, Trip and hip-hop through the recordings of Nightmares On Wax, DJ Shadow and Photek among others, would all play major creative roles in the innovative and completely unique sounds that Neveready produces today. As a performer, Neveready has played some of the biggest festivals in Europe including the Dubshack Party in Estonia, All Out Dubstep Party in Stockholm, Sweden and the Funky Elephant Festival in Helsinki. He’s shared the stage with King Shiloh, Ivah Sound System, Orkidia, Dalindeo and has side projects in the hip-hop and jazz worlds with Fearfall- a project with fellow producer Jussi Neiminen, Organ!k-a jazz and hip-hop outfit with Toni Nordlund and a future collaboration with DJ Subsense. On March 15, Neveready will release his latest EP “The Forest”. It spans eight tracks and features multiple appearances by vocalists Astrid Stenberg and Charlotta Kerbs. The first track to be shared from ‘The Forest’, Neveready’s brand new, ‘Release Me’ and is the perfect introduction for any new listeners.  A calm and soothing track, features Astrid Stenberg’s vocals against a layered production creating an atmospheric and textural soundscape. Speaking of ‘The Forest’ EP, Neveready explains, “I wanted to create a soundtrack for ‘getting lost in the forest,’ for people to unwind from their busy realities. The songs are constructed and composed to sound like they are played by a band, even though most of the people involved have never met each other in the flesh. It is essentially my ‘imaginary’ band playing what I would like it to play.”

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