Nølah-“Mandragora”: EP Review

Nølah has studied Classical music, has played and written music as a guitarist for a rock band and these days, has been on clear cut mission to follow her true musical passion—composing Electronic music, specifically melodic Techno. On April 26th, Nolah released “Mandragora” via Einmusika2. The EP is comprised of two distinct tracks-the title track “Madragora” and “Dictamo,” plus a brilliant remix of “Mandragora” courtesy of Philipp Kempnich. The music flows with hypnotic, 90s trance influenced mysticism and as with Nølah’s previous releases, “Madragora” features her trademarks: relentless pounding beats, intricate bass-lines and striking synth work. These are the signature  traits that she is becoming known for.  Clocking in at close to twenty minutes long, “Madragora” is the portrait of an artist that is passionate about making melodic techno music. Not only can you hear it, you can feel it.



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