Paper Tiger: Way Outside The Mainstream

Paper Tiger, the Leeds and London based sextet, for the past couple of years, have put forth some of the most interesting and inventive spins on trip-hop, hip-hop, improv and electronic music as a whole since debuting in 2013. The band’s roots go back to early beginnings in the suburb of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom that is built on their like-minded passions and shared interests in African Funk music, Japanese animation, sound-system culture and jazz, hip hop and electronics. The band consists of Matt Davies (drums and drum machines), Oliver Cadman (keyboards, synthesizers), Sam Vicary (bass guitar, double bass), Greg Surmacz (production, electronics, woodwinds, synthesizers), Adam Radley (production, turntables, samples) and Raphael Attar (vocals).  Over the course of their short career, they’ve shared the stage with Amon Tobin, Quantic, Jaga Jazzist, Nightmares On Wax and Bonobo among others and consistently receive support and praise from radio personalities to contemporaries and critics alike. Reputed as an electronic space funk outfit, Paper Tiger’s music is wild, and quite frankly, way outside the EDM mainstream. They are known for expert live musicianship, humorous lyrics, and multi genre song styles that seemlessly and effortlessly develops into intriguing and lushful music. Paper Tiger’s documented works on LP format can be found on the Wah Wah 45s label with 2013’s “Laptop Suntan,” followed by “Sultan Antpop”—a companion remix album in 2014. In 2016, the band released their second full-fength album “Blast Off” featuring Shafiq Husayn, Pyramid Vritra, Chester Watson, and Sarah Williams White. Jumping forward to current days, Paper Tiger is preparing to release their 3rd album for Wah Wah 45s titled “Rogue Planet.”  The new LP includes past collaborators Shafiq Husayn, Chester Watson and Foreign Beggars. The album also features the legendary Steve Spacek on the album’s first single “The Cycle” and Olivia Bhattacharjee  “Rogue Planet” is described as “a record drenched in futuristic soul, brimming with textured samples and intriguing progressions – demonstrating the enviable musicianship on show here. G-Funk-esque melodies run throughout, joined by reverberating celestial horns and scattered drum patterns.” 

—Joseph Arthur

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