Q&A With Octave One

Octave One is the brainchild of core members Lenny and Lawrence Burden. Both Lenny and Lawrence are trained musicians, who took an early interest in DJing, programming and inventing their own sound equipment. Busting out of Detroit with their debut “I Believe” in 1990, the Burden brothers, over the years and under the guise of different aliases including: Octave One, Random Noise Generation, Never On Sunday and Metro D with Terrell Langston, have been and continue to be trailblazers across Techno and Electronic Music landscapes, as can be heard on dozens of recordings through their own imprint 430 West Records, as well as Tresor, Transmat, Low Spirit, and Concept Music. To our good fortune, we took an opportunity to interview Lenny and Lawrence, right in time and on the heels of their brand new release, “Endustry” and in between stops of a heavy tour schedule across Europe and beyond.

Read the interview here.

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