Saladin: Behind The Scenes of “Talking To Myself”

The Chicago powerhouse Saladin has pushed out banging releases since 2018 kicked off. With monster tunes on the “Feel My Bass” EP and many others in between, “Talking To Myself” shows just what Saladin does best -create inimitable EDM sounds that everyone will love. This chat with the American producer sheds light on behind the scenes facts behind his latest release!

“Talking To Myself” is something special. How do you think it compares to your other recent releases?

Saladin: This track is a bit different from my other releases. I took a few different styles and combined them into one. This track has that Indie-Dance type of vibe and the vocal is very fun!

There is a new level of production in your recent works – have you been working extra hard brushing up in the studio?

Saladin: I have been in beast mode in the studio the past 1 or 2 years. I have learned so much, especially when it comes to the mix down process and trying to make sure everything is sounding right in the mix.

The last few months have been very busy for you – do you still find time to create music as well as play shows?

Saladin: I am always working on creating new music. 2 years ago my gig schedule was crazy ridiculous. Then I decided to take some time off from DJ’ing to work in the studio more. Now I am starting to accept gigs again and I am planning the rest of my schedule for 2018. So if you are reading this and want to book me, please email me at:

Was the track a quick one to finish or did it take a while?

Saladin: I would say overall about 6-7 hours combined.

The track has received some good reviews – are you happy with the press coverage of it?

Saladin: Yes I have received some great reviews and feedback. I am very happy with all of the press coverage I have received lately. It is amazing to see the support I have been receiving worldwide!

Can we expect even more new music from you soon?

Saladin: You can ALWAYS expect new music from me!


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