THIS OR THAT: Grant Saxena

Grant Saxena has been producing his ethereal brand of Trance music for a while now, captivating audiences and forming fanbases all over the world. 2018 has been full of incredible releases for him, and he shows no signs of stopping his march to fame. Matt Caldwell PR & Co provides a bit more about Grant’s musical mind, and what he thinks of the music industry and asks some tough questions about his music!

DJing or producing?

Grant Saxena: Close call. Producing for almost 17 years. DJing for about 18… 

Analogue or digital?

GS: Digital is forward thinking, but I am still a fan of the hybrid setup!   

Single or album?

GS: Albums seem to carry more attention and help cut through the noise.

Live recording or midi arrangement?

GS: Organic recordings are optimal with proper recording equipment.

Collaborations or solo work?

GS: Fluid vision collaborations bear heaps of rewarding musical fruit!

Guitar or piano?

GS: I’m a classically trained Rock guitarist! 

Finally – new Grant Saxena or old Grant Saxena?

GS: Future Grant Saxena music, the best is yet to come 😉

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