Trunks: Behind The Decks

With a history in the Dance music industry spanning back to his youth, Trunks has taken his passion for Dance music to the next level this year. Releasing his first EP “Senzu Beans,” he effortlessly combines genres and creates something wholly unique, which has impressed his fans all over his native US and the world as a whole. He is, however, also a keen DJ. Our partners over at Matt Caldwell PR learned more about Trunks with their “Behind The Decks” series and asked him a few questions about DJing and what got him in to it!

Hey! So lets start simple, when did you start DJing and what attracted you to it?

Trunks: I started getting into it back in high school but I didn’t really start doing parties until college. Honestly, the fact that the DJ had all the girls was the first thing that attracted me to it. I fell in love with it as a form of art an expression the more that I did it. 

What is it your number one reason you enjoy DJing?

Trunks: Giving people a reason to feel something emotionally makes me happy. To be responsible for a person’s journey to a good time through your song selection and story telling is an awesome experience. It keeps me going. 

Do you have a number one gig you have played?

Trunks: I think I am still on a journey to my number one gig, but the gig that has been my favorite so far was my first time playing at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Pool.

What made it the best?

Trunks: It was my first time using CDJ’s and the place was packed to capacity. I even messed up while playing a track, it went super slow but when I looked up people were actually still dancing and enjoying it slower. One guy even asked me what the remix to the song was called. By the time it was over, I earned a residency there. 

What is your most common genre you mix, or do you enjoy switching them up?

Trunks: I play a lot of Trap music during my shows with some Future Bass and Hip Hop. Though, I do switch it up and play other genres to keep people guessing. One of my favorite things to do is find a song from my childhood, that I know people remember and sneak it into my set. 

Do you often showcase your new songs in your mixes?

Trunks: Of course, that is one of the best ways to see if that thing you stayed up till 4 A.M. making is any good or if you were just coffee tripping. 

What is your favorite venue and why?

Trunks: My favorite venue is XS at the Wynn in Vegas. I have had a few birthdays there and always had a great time. The pool is really nice and the DJ set up is amazing. It is definitely a place that I want to play at one day. 

Finally, do you have a favorite mix online we can listen to?

Trunks: My favorite mix online right now is the guest mix I did for iHouseU, who are a really great music blog. I was lucky that I was able to make something for them and I think it’s the perfect high-energy summer mix. I hope to someday hear the crazy stories people have had while listening to it.

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