US: Behind The Scenes-“Tainted”

The eccentric duo US have had a sterling last few months. Kicking off the year with their release of “Turn It Up” featuring Rhia Major, they returned with the club smasher “Tainted.” Their unique and evolving sound has caught the ear of artists and fans all over the industry, and they have taken steps to cement themselves as one of the world’s hottest up and coming acts. In this exclusive interview, the guys give all the details behind the release of their newest single!

So guys – can you sum up the inspiration behind the track?

US: Loads of people can relate to this – it came from the heart, and a love hate relationship.

It’s a great release; can we expect more like this from you?

US: We have loads more in the pipeline of course! But we aim to switch up the vibe from time to time, however we do have a few emotional melodic vibes coming soon – so stay tuned!

How exactly did the whole track come to exist? What was the production process?

US: To start with we only had a skeleton of the melody, with piano and a simple beat. Then, once we wrote the track and laid down vocals, we built the rest of the production around it, creating a powerful summer kind of feel and make it what it is.

You explore a few different styles within the track, do you enjoy blending genres together or sticking to more classic sounds?

US: We enjoy experimenting and exploring sounds – there are no limits to creation.

Do you find it easy to start tracks or easier to finish them?

US: It’s easier to finish once you’ve got the ball rolling and the momentum, then it gets easier to piece together.

Obviously the track is finished – but how long were you working on the track as a whole?

US: Roughly around 6 months, as we always take our time whilst working on other projects, then come back to the singles we aim to release next in order to stay consistent.

Finally, can we have a few words to sum up the track in your own words?

US: Emotional, summer, banger.

Thanks guys!

Listen to ‘Tainted’ at Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify.

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