Vessbroz: Behind The Scenes- “Electro Vessel Radio Show”

With a background in classical music, the Vessbroz’s signature sound is best summed up as exquisitely produced, hard-hitting dance style with a touch of quirkiness, as the Vessbroz strive to constantly innovate themselves infusing their sonic palette with dashes of mainstream pop sounds to heavy dance floor grooves that grip their audiences. Along with stand out productions and incredible DJ sets, they have spent the last 4 years building a radio show which now has a solid following and has been responsible for introducing some amazing new music to their audiences. We caught up with Armia and Arsham to discuss “Electro Vessel.”

Holly Roscoe: Where did the idea to create a radio Show come from?

Vessbroz: We always used to listen to other DJ radio shows on the weekends, we took inspiration from that and put our own spin on it adding more tracks closer to the style of music we like so it all started from there. We also thought how cool it would be to recruit DJs from all over to world to join us for guest mixes each week and show how music does really unite us.

HR: How do you find your music for the show?

Vessbroz: We use so many ways to find the freshest songs for our show, sometimes we hear tracks on the radio, TV or in other DJ shows and we Shazam it. A lot of times we get sent tracks to us from other DJs and producers and sometimes even labels. If we like them and it matches our show then we usually play it on ElectroVessel especially if they send music to us in advance before the official release date.  

HR: How do you decide which guests will join you?

Vessbroz: We get so many DJs send us their mixtapes and if we like them, we usually send them a message mostly via Instagram and sometimes also our team also reaches to well knowns DJs. We’ve had Nicky Romero and Timmy Trumpet to name a few. The main goal is that we always try to balance our show with giving opportunities to new DJs as well as bringing the world’s best DJs to our shows. 

HR: How long has the ElectroVessel show been running?

Vessbroz: Well, the first episode was launched back in 2015, but we didn’t really take it seriously until 10 months ago when we really got into it and put a load of love and passion into it. Since then we’ve made an episode every week until today! 

HR: What’s the recording process like?

Vessbroz: We use Ableton Live for most of the episodes as we could keep up our show wherever we happen to be and also it made the quality much better. We try to record our voiceovers for each episode in our home studio but in the case of having no studio access we’ll use out phones. We always make sure we include the latest releases and try to finish the show within 1-2 days. 

HR: Where do you see ElectroVessel heading in the future?

Vessbroz: We’re going to try to keep doing this for the rest of our lives! That’s the goal anyway, we’re hoping to create ElectroVessel events in the near future where we invite our friends, fans and artists to join in with the show and have fun. Another one of our goals is to turn the show into something bigger, perhaps live in different parts of the world each week?

HR: Do you have an email address that producers can send their promos to for the show?

Vessbroz: Sure, they could send it to our record label and it would be great if they provide us both stream and download links well as some information about the song and artist. 

HR: What day does the show air and where can people go to tune in?

Vessbroz: For now they could listen to it every Wednesday on our Mixcloud page,  but soon it will be available on Spotify and the Apple store as well as some other radio stations. Please keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates and you always could send us send us a message via Instagram about who you would like us to have as our guest next. We will make sure to reply to you for sure! 

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