Vessbroz: Behind The Scenes-“Walking In Grace”

A bond created by music is hard to break, join this up with brotherly love and it’s a force that’s totally unstoppable. This is certainly the case with Armia and Arsham, better known as the Vessbroz an electronic DJ/Producer duo whose back catalogue and fan base speaks for itself. With a background in classical music, their signature sound is best summed up as exquisitely produced, hard-hitting dance style with a touch of quirkiness, as the Vessbroz strive to constantly innovate themselves infusing their sonic palette with dashes from chilled out Deep House to a heavy dance floor grooves. We caught up with the Vessbroz to discuss their latest release ‘Walking In Grace’

Tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind this song?

Vessbroz: We made this beat almost a year and a half ago; I remember it was after we finished one of our other songs. We turned off the lights and burnt candles, drinking wine and we just started to create Walking in Grace. It was a very happy and positive atmosphere, and we just had fun and playing around. After that night, we keep hold of this creation till almost a year ago when we sent this beat to P.I.T. and he loved the idea and we met at his studio to finish the song together. By that time we still hadn’t added those middle eastern instruments inside, after we had P.I.T.’s vocals we still felt that ‘Walking In Grace’ was missing a special element, we tried many different samples and ideas until finally, we came out with this Middle Eastern sound that made our drop very special and emotional. 

What was it like working with P.I.T?

Vessbroz: Fun and so easy! He comes from different music genre background which made the session much more interesting from both side and we learned a lot from each other. 

Describe ‘Walking In Grace’ in 3 words?

Vessbroz: Dreams are real.   

Did you overcome any struggles in making this production?

Vessbroz: Any songs have their own so-called struggles but we like to call it a challenge! For this song the most challenging part was finding the right vocalist, because it’s very unique and quite a challenging song to sing, we sent the instrumental to almost 10 different singers till finally we picked P.I.T. and he truly nailed it. 

Who would you love to work with on a track?

Vessbroz: We’d love to work with Zedd and David Guetta, producer wise because their style is very close to ours. Vocalist wise it would have to be Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Robbie Williams.

What other producers impress you with their music recently?

Vessbroz: Dillon Francis has always brought a fresh sound to the EDM family and Zedd also is the master of making a unique style hit! We always admire The Daft Punk style as well because of how creative but yet simple they can make a hit song.

What is your working relationship like? Do you have any brotherly arguments at all?

Vessbroz: Of course, we have! Luckily that doesn’t happen very often and they’re never really serious. There are two things we always argue about, one is song selection in our gigs and the other is the creative part of our productions. We find a way to turn this into an advantage because different people have their own opinion and although we are related we are both our own person with different views so we let our ideas run side by side and see what happens. We’re very lucky we have that working relationship and of course, we always get another opinion so that we don’t get carried away!

Have you reached any of your career goals at all this year? If so, what are they?

Vessbroz: Releasing a song with one of the biggest Dance record labels out there, it’s a huge achievement for us but we can’t say their name yet. The other goal was to release one or two original songs, plus a remix pack and 4 weekly radio shows a month, and so far we’ve been achieving this.We also made a collaboration with one of our favorite singers.  We can’t tell you who it is yet, but that is something that we always wanted and finally we’ve achieved it. 

You’ve been releasing lots of incredible music recently, what can we expect from you next?

Vessbroz: We have a few big releases coming this year, and after this year we will be spending more time on the road to perform shows and we also are trying our best to help new artists under our own record label, Vessology Records. We’re really excited!

Finally, where can people go to download ‘Walking In Grace’?

Vessbroz: You can find it almost on all the platforms and also you could watch the Music video on YouTube.

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