Video of the Week: AVEC-“Under Water”

22-year-old Austrian songstress AVEC shared her latest enticing single and accompanying music video, “Under Water” on September 17th  taken from her newly released album “Heaven/Hell,” which dropped on September 14th via Earcandy Recordings. Reaching nearly 1 million plays on YouTube alone, AVEC also currently holds nearly 400K listeners Spotify, and has since garnered support from the likes of CLASH Magazine, Dancing Astronaut, Data Transmission, Paste Mag, Music Week and major Youtube channels Mr Revillz, The Vibe Guide, Chill Your Mind, Apeiron and MOR Indie, to name a few. AVEC’s latest album “Heaven/Hell” was produced and mixed by Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers, SOAK, Berkeley) at Attica Audio Studios in Ireland. The new single follows success of AVEC’s debut record “What If We Never Forget” released in February 2018 and the dazzling remix package “Waiting For Remixes” which included remixes by electronic producers Alex Schulz, HOUT and Nora Medin.

Drawing inspiration from Bon Iver, John Mayer, The Lumineers, Daughter and RYX, AVEC’s sound could be best likened to artists such as Lucy Rose or Courtney Barnett, for her thought-provoking and emotive songwriting skills. Dealing with difficult life experiences and expressing her true feelings through music – this is AVEC’s therapeutic outlet – an outlet that not only guides herself, but guides others too. Writing straight from the depths of her string-plucked heart, the intense and significant connotations in her lyrics juxtapose the gentle strumming of her guitar. Lyrics are the key component in AVEC’s music – she shares her stories and experiences by giving herself the creative power to portray waking life and emotions through sound and reflection.

AVEC’s latest single “Under Water,” receiving an edit from the likes of Nico Rebscher (Henry Green, Alice Merton) is an emotive, lyrical cascade backed with plucked guitars, melodious pianos and AVEC’s signature silken vocal approach until a bounceable, steady-beat laden atmosphere bursts into spirited rhythm and melody before repeating the mantra “Let go.. Let go…” The stunningly shot video follows our protagonist meandering through picturesque forests and reflecting on life; feeling drowned, feeling trapped, feeling lost – portraying all aspects of being human and facing your darkest fears.

Commenting on the latest single, AVEC states, “I think the song ‘Under Water’ is the most honest one I’ve ever written so far. The line ‘breathing underwater’ perfectly describes the pain and the struggle of being honest with yourself and being honest with everybody else. It hurts, and you might hurt people by being honest, but it’s the only way to keep on going; to get through whatever you’re dealing with – be honest, stay honest and be true to yourself, otherwise those feelings and thoughts will eat up your mind!”

As to the music video, she adds, “When I first saw the video for ‘Under Water’ – filled with so many emotions and despair, I got goosebumps all over my body, because it just moved me so much, I can’t even describe it. I love it, I love the whole idea of it and I absolutely love the scenes they shot underwater – she is such an amazing actress!”

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