The Young Punx: In Wonderland

The Young Punx formed back in 2003 in London and is led by Hal Ritson. After receiving an email regarding The Young Punx latest single “Wonderland” my interest in learning more about this band was definitely piqued. Over the years past and present members include Cameron Saunders, Nathan Taylor and Simon Bettison. High praise from Billboard, EQ Magazine, Clash and Mixmag paint a picture that Ritson and company are the reigning darlings of the electronica, mashup and breakbeat scenes climbing out of London’s underground. Career highlights include Radio One’s Bootleg Remixer of the Year, signing with EMI, remix projects for Norman Cook, Scissor Sisters, Tom Jones and Tina Turner. Ritson, Bettison and Taylor also presented Japan’s “So You Think You Can Dance” for two seasons, TV specials for UK’s Flaunt and worked on Four tracks on Dizzee Rascal’s Tongue N Cheek leading to the Young Punx serving a the live backing band for several dates including BBC’s Electric Proms and Glastonbury Festival in 2010. The Young Punx have three full length LPs: “Your Music Is Killing Me” in 2007 followed by 2009’s “Mashpop and Punkstep” and 2014’s “All These Things Are Gone.”  And Ritson has credits on over 1000 records and has been nominated several times for Grammys. As a major producer for years and years, Riston has perfected his ears for French house, breakbeat, drum and bass, pop, rock, disco, and even jazz giving fans and listeners the sounds they have come to expect. One thing is certain, Ritson and The Young Punx crew know how to turn out a hot dance tunes. They’ve been doing it consistently for years and with visual provided by multi disciplined digital media artist Han Hoogerbrugge creating the public identity for the band. 2019 looms large for the band as they embark on an ambitious release schedule of one per month leading up to their 4th full-length album. The latest and fourth single this year is “Wonderland” on MofoHiFi Records. It’s overflowing with 80s styled synthesizers and is described as “a radical deconstruction of the 80s classic ‘Club Tropicana’ to the effect that you might not even recognise it. The Wham! classic is spliced, turned upside-down and inside-out and re-imagined in almost unrecognisable form as a pulsing talkbox driven, ItaloDisco anthem.”

—Joseph Arthur


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