Aramu Muru Preps New Single “Who We Are” Featuring Yemi Bolatiwa

Born out of a passion for vintage sounds, Aramu Muru deliver their first single, “Who We Are” (releasing in early May 2021) featuring the vocal talent of Yemi Bolatiwa (pictured). The duo take it back to their roots for their debut, channeling their love of timeless dance music classics to carve out their own niche with a modern take on retro styles.

The pair draft in experienced songwriter Yemi Bolatiwa for “Who We Are,” who boasts credits including featuring on Piem’s recent single “Work,” which was released on BBC Radio 1 Dance host Danny Howards’ Nothing Else Matters label, and features remixes from himself and Lauren Lo Sung. Yemi has also been heard on BBC Introducing, 1Xtra and Kiss FM.

“Who We Are” utilizes old school synths and a bouncing bassline from the off, combining to create a memorable groove early on. The introduction of Yemi’s vocal has a reflective feel to it, which enhances the instrumental and elevates it as the two combine seamlessly. The vocal evolves throughout the track, ensuring a freshness that will have maintain listener’s interest for the duration.

While this is the first project from a duo who are both experienced in releasing music, expect more from the pair, as they set out on their path to create electronic music that draws on their classic inspirations and twists it to craft their own modern take on the songs that inspire them.

Look for “Who We Are” in early May 2021!

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